Zesty Lemons: Nine Ways of Utilizing Them

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Did you know that this yellow fruit is actually a medicine in disguise? Yes, the potential uses for lemons go beyond home remedies. Scientific evidence indicates that eating lemons can reduce heart attacks and the risk of cancer. Apart from this, here are more reasons why you should keep lemons stocked in your fridge:

It gets rid of those horrible pimples.

If you apply lemon juice on your pimples, its acids will help remove the outermost layers of dead skin cells. Thus, keeping your pores clear and unblocked!

It gets rid of morning sickness.

Many pregnant women fight morning sickness by sucking a lemon wedge or sipping cool sugary lemonade. You can also add lemon zest to weak black tea if lemonade is not your thing! The sharp tang and zesty aroma of lemons will help counter the nausea and settle the stomach.

It is a great deodorant!

Lemon’s juice works as a great underarm deodorant because it makes the pH level of your skin acidic. This kills the bacteria that cause the odor.

A good source of Vitamin C

Lemons contain loads of vitamin C that counteracts the effects of free radicals. Radicals are unstable cells that can cause damage to the body by oxidizing the cholesterol. Low level of vitamin C and antioxidants is associated with an increased chance of a heart attack. Therefore, consuming lemons will keep your heart healthy as it will keep the free radicals under control.

It takes care of your kidney.

Lemons contain citric acid that stops the formation of kidney stones. It fuels peristalsis (the contractions in your digestive tract that moves the food along) and reduces constipation.

It brings the shine back to your hair.

Over active oil producing glands known as “sebaceous” cause lank and limp hair. Limp and dry hair can also be the result of poor diet. Lemon’s juice can help control oiliness in hair. Take one lemon and mix its juice with one cup of water. Pour it on your hair as a final leave-in rinse.

It cures dry mouth.

Certain medication can cause lack of salvia as an annoying side effect. You can stimulate saliva flow by drinking lemon juice.

Say good-bye to warts

Take three vitamin C tablets and crush it thoroughly. Then mix it with lemon juice to form a paste. Now apply it directly on to the wart, make sure you don’t apply it on the surrounding skin. (You can protect the surrounding skin by covering it with petroleum jelly.) Cover the wart with a band aid. The lemon juice and acidic effects of the tablets will fight with the wart virus and dissolve it.

Lemon’s juice helps stop hiccups.

If you are not able to cure your hiccups with a glass of water, then suck a slice of lemon. The sourness of the lemon will act like a circuit breaker to the spasms.

So keep lemons stored in your refrigerator because its keeps you healthy and fit. Lastly, a glass of lemonade on a summer day is very refreshing!

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