Mastering The Treadmill In “3 Easy Steps”

Tricks Of The Treadmill Okay, so you made it to the gym, but are you really accomplishing anything by slugging away on the treadmill? It’s all too easy to slouch into our steps, making the workout less engaged and less effective. When we forget to pay attention to our steps, all of a sudden our feet turn out, our lower back hyper-extends and our upper body scrunches up in discomfort. What this means for your workout is that you’re no […]

How To Make A Meal Plan That Fits Your Busy Schedule

And she runs! From one activity to the next in a single bound! Fueling her body with only energy drinks and meal replacement bars. She runs, and runs, and runs herself completely thin – completely shredded and wasted in the cold sweats of her exhaustion. Too high on her own endorphins to feel any pain, her eyes remain beaded and awake as she tries putting herself to sleep. Just barely able to rise in the morning, her feet crackle as […]
fit fast

4 Exercise Routines To Lose Weight FAST

Is it really possible to GET FIT FAST? Lots of diets and cleansing programs claim that they have the quick-fix solution to weight loss, but many of us are left wondering if it’s really true. Knowing that we will have to sacrifice in order to gain temporary gratification, we tend to do whatever it takes to get us there, no matter the cost. Quick fix solutions definitely work, however they won’t continue to work. YOU have to continue to work. […]
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Feeling Good Inside And Out: Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

When it rains, it pours. We can either choose to stand outside with our mouth open wide, or huddle and scoff under a blowing umbrella. But have you ever tried to dance in the rain, and you just couldn’t bring yourself to enjoy it? We certainly have the power of choice when it comes to our actions and reactions to things, but we can’t always control how we are feeling. The body goes through various rhythms and cycles that may throw […]
Sugar Lumps

The Surprising Truth About Sugar Addiction

Sugar, can without doubt be termed as one of the basic foods needed for survival because of its extensive use in almost each and every corner of the world. Some scientists say that sugar acts as a ‘feel good’ substance just like some brain chemicals known as serotonin with dopamine and other drugs that are termed illicit for inducing addictive behavior within the consumers. Are you addicted? Having a sweet tooth is not uncommon. Millions of Americans tend to consume […]

Seven Ways to Avoid Panicking

We all panic; it’s natural to do so. What is not so natural is being overwhelmed by it and being unable to function properly. We are put in a state of adrenaline rush when our mind is overtaken by real or imaginary fear. This does not only affect our thinking but also makes it difficult for us to behave in an appropriate manner. For this reason it is important to learn how to avoid panicking. The following seven ways will […]

Fiber Sources – Dos and Don’ts

Fiber also known as ‘roughage’ is really a carbohydrate found in plants. It plays a very important role in our diet because it keeps the digestive system functioning properly. Fiber is responsible for clearing the waste and toxins from our body. If waste and toxins stay in the intestine or bowel for too long, they lead to the build-up of several diseases. According to the author of The F-Factor diet, Tanya Zuckerbrot, fiber is a miracle carb. For a healthy […]

Libido Boosting Tips in World Practice

Women have been suffering from a low level of libido for quite some time now. Factors like stress and not getting enough sleep are one of the main reasons why women keep losing their touch in bed. Though it is a concerning problem, they can’t just abandon their work and focus on their sex lives because this will increase their stress level instead of decreasing it for sure. There are many tips used around the world for boosting libido and […]