Work Stress: Laugh Your Way to Peace

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The workplace can feel like one of the most stressful places in our lives. Since work is an everyday task we can’t avoid it’s no surprise that it comes with a little bit of stress attached. Having to work the daily grind to pay for food, bills, extracurricular activities and take care of your family puts added pressure, making you one big stress ball. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable the second you step foot in the office. There are plenty of ways to relieve stress at work, taking a few minutes each day to relax and laugh will help you manage your stress.

Employers across the country are recognizing what a negative impact stress has on a person’s overall job performance. If you feel like you or your co-workers are being brought down by stress in the work place, take the time to make your own made manual to help relieve stress in the office.

According to, laughter is one of the best medicines for stress relief. The following is a how-to guide to get the most laughs in your work day:

A Joke a Day Will Keep the Stress Away

Institute a daily joke ritual in your office. Ask someone different to bring a new joke in each day, obviously it should be work-place appropriate. Positive Way notes that laughter not only helps you relieve your stress, but it improves your mood and gives you a little bit of a work out as well. Both the laughter and the exercise will release endorphins into your body to help you feel your best.

Check Out a Funny Website

Take a five minute break and check out sites like, known for having tons of hilarious videos, clips and pictures. Animal-related videos are often a great way to help you and your coworkers unwind and laugh a little bit during the work day. As always, make sure you are clicking on a video that will be appropriate for the office and does not offend anyone who works there. It’s only fair. If you see something marked NSFW (not safe for work), don’t click.

The Case of the Mondays no More

Everyone knows that Monday is the worst day of the week—brighten it up a little bit by asking everyone to come in on Monday with a funny story from the weekend. Not only will it help co-workers become friends, but it also will give you a few minutes to relax, unwind and share a laugh together. These are great bonding activities that help everyone at the office feel less stressed. Ultimately, taking a few minutes to laugh will make everyone more productive as they will feel better as they continue to work throughout the day, according to

Create a Laughter Bulletin Board

Creating a laughter bulletin board for the office will allow everyone a laugh break here and there. Every month change up the topic, and ask everyone in the office to contribute to it. Have the board be in a central location, such as by the water cooler or in the break room. Topic ideas can include: Bringing in baby photos or funny family photos, or asking everyone to post a hilarious knock-knock joke.

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