Why Men Run After Special Women and Dodge the Rest?

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“Every person is beautiful, but not everyone sees it.
Sometimes we don’t perceive what love & attraction is. We don’t perceive why some people are so special for everyone. These types of questions often play with our emotions & feelings in every stage of our life. They make us jealous, they develop inferiority complex, and they compel us to compare ourselves with the others.Especially, a woman gives too much importance to these types of questions. Her life is packed with such questions. She doesn’t understand why men run after certain women and avoid the rest.Sometimes she thinks that her beauty and power are the major causes of her failure, and sometimes she thinks that she lacks special attitude that can make her different from the others.If you are also like those women who think that beauty and power is everything, and if you also don’t get why men run after certain women, then I have special information and tips for you. I am going to reveal the special attributes of those certain women who take place in the hearts and captures the mind of men.

Just Enjoyment, No Routines

Routines are the enemies. This is the brutal fact. Mind-numbing routines demolish the excitements and gives birth to the dark side of the relationship. It’s like they put you in the completely blank situations without any goals& tasks. You stay in the domain of unnecessary situations and keep on complaining about your life all day day-to-day.

A pattern of living is everything. It decides the quality of your life & relationship. If your pattern of living is filled with boring routines then you can’t expect the best.

Have you ever noticed why men run after female celebrities? Why they keep on admiring them and give them the special place in their fantasies? Have you ever thought about it? Well, their beauty, power, and independence are not only the reasons. Millions of other women have the same things. Then, what is so special which female celebrities possess and force men to run after them?

The major reason is that they have no routines. Their unpredictable actions& daily life stimulate their energy level and make them super attractive to men. If you notice their daily-life, you’ll discover that they keep on visiting new places, they keep on meeting new people, they keep on changing their dressing styles, and they keep on following their hobbies & habits. In other words, they love to explore new things, they love to handle new situations, and they love to make every aspect of their lives enjoyable.

In a way, they enjoy themselves and stay in a happy state. Their enjoyment doesn’t depend on anyone. And, that’s the reason they stay highly attractive.

For being a super attractive woman, you have to break the routines and embrace new enjoyable changes. You don’t need any special process or money for that. Just do those things that make you happy. Your happy state will make men worship you.

Just remember one important thing, “Happy state shapes happy life.” When you’ll be happy, you’ll attract happy people, happy situations, and happy surprises. It’s also a law of attraction. Every man, and every human being, seek happiness. People want to be with that person who has an exciting, happy, and unpredictable life. No one wants to be with a boring person who wastes his life with boring routines.

Are You Superior?

Expressing your superior status is the vital strategy that especially ensures your success with men. When you express your superiority, you earn high respect, supreme attraction, and elite feelings of love. Over the years, I’ve noticed and studied that every woman who makes men madly fall in love with her possess superiority. Her acts & personality always convey that she is superior to her peers and others.

Let’s take an example from the movies. Good movie directors always capture attractive facial expressions, postures, and body language of their heroes and heroines for giving them the advantage over other cast. From the lights to the scripts, everything projects the superiority of their heroes and the heroines. Movie directors perceive very well that the superiority of their main characters is the fundamental thing that captures the eye & hearts of their audience.

There are millions of things which you can do for expressing your superior status. You don’t need money or power for being superior. You already have everything you need.

For example, in the movies, movie directors use the power of female gaze for making her attractive. They know that the gaze is much more powerful & beautiful than the eyes. And, it’s true. Your gaze attracts, not your eyes… There are many types of gaze which movie directors use according to the situations and scenes.

Romantic Gaze: Hold his gaze with a light smile for a few seconds and then look down.
Mysterious Gaze: Slightly tilt your head to the right and open your eyes 75%.
Authoritative Gaze: Keep your line of vision on the area from the eyes to the mid-forehead.
These are just the few types of gaze which good actors, and directors, use according to the situation in order to be superior.
Take Action:So, if you want to make men run after you,
Break the routines: The best way to break your routine is to add an element of enjoyment in it on a constant basis. Try new restaurants, read books, change your schedule, take your family to a movie, try a new hobby, learn new skills, or wear something different.
Show Superiority: Earn respect through your actions, give charity, achieve your goals passionately, learn elite body-language, read books, build a network of authoritative friends, solve other’s problems, and strive for excellence.
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