Weight Loss Myths that You Shouldn’t Believe

April 1, 2012 Comments Off

All of us are aware of the fact that the best way to stay slim is to eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Even then we keep looking for the easy way out, ways that would get us slim in a matter of a month. This has given rise to many weight loss myths that have no scientific foundation. Here are some weight loss myths that you should stop counting on:

Myth Number 1: Don’t eat anything after 8pm
You can eat food after 8pm because it doesn’t matter when you eat food as long as you are eating within limits. Some dieticians recommend not eating after 8pm because many individuals skip meals during the day and then overeat during the night. According to Ashley Borden, fitness consultant, people who overeat during the night are not eating enough during the day. Therefore, don’t starve yourself during the day!

Myth Number 2: Every calorie is the same
It is commonly known that when we eat more calories than we can burn; we gain weight. What most people don’t know that calories can be different! You need to realize the difference between bad carbs and good carbs. According to Paula Simpson, renowned celebrity nutritionist, bad carbohydrates are refined sugars that are effortlessly digested, thus our bloodstream effortlessly absorbs it. A high concentration of blood sugar will cause the body to store the excess sugar as fat. On the other hand, good carbohydrates contain fiber that will hold back digestion so that the extra sugar can be used up by the body.

Myth Number 3: Dieters should not eat red meat
Red meat is a great source of protein that helps your body stay healthy. Individuals on a diet shouldn’t entirely quit eating red meat. Instead, they should eat red meat in quantity that their dieticians recommend.

Myth Number 4: Grams are all the same
Do you remember that old riddle that asks, which is heavier, 100 kg of bricks or 100 kg of feathers? Yes, both weigh the same but obviously, the quantity of the feather will be larger than the bricks. This same analogy applies when you calculate the food in grams. For example, a gram of carbohydrates contains four calories but a gram of fat actually contains nine calories. This is why some foods are more dangerous than others because they contain more calories per gram!

Myth Number 5: Weight loss products that are labeled herbal and natural are successful and safe
Always remember that just because something is labeled natural and herbal, or that you can buy it from the health store, that doesn’t mean it’s a harmless and effective product. Always remember only products that are evaluated by Food and Drug Administration are safe. Furthermore, always consult your physician before buying diet pills or weight loss drugs.

Myth Number 6: Your genes play a huge role in your weight thus you can’t change it
It is true that a person’s genetic heritage affects his or her weight but doesn’t mean we can’t control our weight. According to Paula, by eating healthy food and exercising regularly we can lose excessive weight easily.

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