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Everyone knows that excess calories equal excess energy, which inevitably converts to stored fat in the body.

We’ve put together some simple ways you can cut down on your calories by making some simple food swaps. Read the following article for some useful tips to reduce your daily intake:

1. Cut down on your dairy

Trade your usual 12 ounces of café mocha with whipped cream for a non-fat cappuccino. You will cut out 230 calories on average! You can also try eating non-fat yoghurt, which will save you roughly 170 calories per day. Sorry cows, we love you and your milk but there’s just too many calories!


2. Reduce the size of your breakfast

You may think that eating a cup of granola with whole milk for breakfast is harmless, but maybe you should reconsider. If you add processed orange juice to your menu, your intake would add up to around 600 calories. Instead, eat a granola bar and wash it down with fresh orange juice. The lack of dairy paired with natural orange juice will reduce your total to only 187 calories!


3. Choosing healthier ingredients for your sandwich

A sandwich made of sourdough bread, mayonnaise and Swiss cheese adds up to 579 calories! In fact, did you know that just a tablespoon of mayonnaise on it’s own contains 57 calories? You are better off with a sandwich made from large pita and mustard. Since mustard holds no calories, you will only consume 174 calories.


4. Indulge your sweet tooth with frozen yoghurt

A scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup in a waffle cone adds up to 477 calories. However, if you have vanilla frozen yoghurt, you will only be consuming 211 calories!


5. Cut down on the carbs

The next time you feel like having russet potatoes dipped in butter, cheddar cheese and sour cream, think again. That tasty little piece of heaven can add up to over 400 calories. Complement this dish with cooked sweetcorn and you will be consuming 543 calories in total! Switch to a healthier meal by having baked sweet potato seasoned with your favorite spices. Complement it with cooked spinach. You will save yourself from consuming 397 calories!

baked potato

6. Eat healthier snacks

If you love eating salt & vinegar chips or blueberry scones when you are hungry between meals, stop right there! Salt & vinegar chips contain 150 calories while the scone has 460 calories! The next time you feel hungry have a Greek yoghurt and a caramel rice cake instead. The latter has 50 calories while Greek yogurt contains 90 calories.


7. Munch on sliced sweet potatoes

Did you know 100grams of potato chips contain 563 calories? On an average, a person is supposed to consume around 2000 calories per day. That means that when you munch a big packet of potato chips in front of the TV, you have already consumed a quarter of your calorific intake. Start making your own snacks! Slice sweet potatoes thinly and bake them in the oven at 250 degrees for half an hour. Eat them with low-fat sour cream; you will consume only around 200 calories!


8. Avoid drinking store-bought smoothies

Next time you want to sip on a cool and delicious smoothie, try this healthy all-fruit drink at home! Smoothies sold in restaurants and ice cream parlors can be packed with more than 600 calories. Take a carrot, peeled beet and an apple, blend them with two slices of pineapple, ½-cup of organic apple juice, water and ice. 12 ounces of this drink contains only 115 calories!



Do you have any other tips? Feel free to share in the comments!

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