Ways to Controlling Work Stress and Staying Active

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Stress is a vital part of our daily lives. We are bombarded with different stressors daily; work-related stressors are particularly common. However, you can’t afford to let your work-related stressors manage your behavior or performance at work because it might cost you your next promotion or even your business. So what can you do? Here are five tips on how to reduce and manage workplace stress.

Workplace Stress Symptoms
Here are indicators that prove you suffer from workplace anxiety problems:

  • You are constantly worrying
  • In your workplace, you can never relax.
  • You find yourself going blank or stammering easily.

You suffer from the following physical symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Cold or sweaty hands
  • Quickening pulse

Avoiding certain work-related tasks When individuals are under stress, they find themselves avoiding tasks that they feel they can’t execute or handle. They might avoid giving presentations or undertaking complex projects. They won’t speak up during meetings or give their feedback. Such individuals will not push themselves to increase their performance level and so they feel anxious when they get their co-workers taking up complicated projects or presentations they would have handled too. Lack of confidence or stressors will cause them to avoid such work-related tasks.

If you suffer from the symptoms listed above, chances are that you are stressed out. Here are five tips that can help you manage your work-related stressors:

1) Encourage and nurture yourself Remember that nobody is perfect, and you shouldn’t drive yourself crazy with high expectations. Repeat this to yourself, “I can do anything I want.”

2)  Give yourself positive feedback We can be harsh critics not only about other people but about ourselves too. Always learn from your mistakes and don’t become overburdened if things go wrong. Remember, everybody makes mistakes.

3)  Be realistic and objective

Do you think you will get fire if you mess up in one project? The chances of that happening are awful small. When handling new projects, tell yourself this, “I have done such assignments before. I can accomplish this one too”.

4)  Do your best

The key to performing well is doing your best. Hard work is always appreciated by individuals and employers alike.

5) Learn new skills and be open to change People are always opposed to changing. Remember a positive change can improve your life and help you succeed. So don’t duck for cover when something in your workplace is about to change. Also, always be on the lookout to learn new skills and keep updating yourself. This will help you gain confidence, and it will increase your confidence.

Try the following above tips and see the difference it will make in your work!


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