Want To Save Money On Your Holiday Gifts? : 15 Ways That Will Help You Out

September 10, 2012 Comments Off

With the shopping season heading towards you, how are your plans on saving money? If you want to save money, then read the following points.

1. Start off early – Try starting your shopping spree a little earlier. This will allow you to save money by avoiding impulse buys, must-have out of stock material, and panicky last minute buys.

2. Divide your budget and then decide – Keeping your shopping amount budgeted will allow you to buy easier. Find out how much you can afford to spend and set limits for yourself.

3. Arrange your list – Try grouping the people you intend to present gifts to on a list. If you plan on buying a similar gift for multiple people, you might get volume discounts.

4. Cross out yourself from the list – You can buy yourself anything at any time over the year. So skip the “from me, to me” gifts.

5. Online shopping – Online shopping allows you to save gas while providing the convenience factor as well. You will also find a lot of deals online. Go to trustworthy websites for your online shopping tasks.
6. Get rewards and rebates – Use your credit cards to avail rewards, rebates and cash back offers while you are shopping. You can get up to 6-8% on cash-back offers or use reward points to buy items that are available.

7. Shop outside of the box and inside – This year, departmental stores will experience heavy traffic. You should take some time to scope discounts and other offers at these stores. Try buying gift cards at grocery stores and other stores. Visiting theses places will give you chances to buy gifts before the stock out.

8. Used items can turn out to be good – Visiting pawn shops, antique stores and auction websites can be helpful. Vintage items can be the perfect gifts.

9. Put together gift baskets – Make theme based gift baskets. If you are planning to give a Netflix gift card then, try putting together some cheap candy and discount DVD’s to make the perfect package.

10. Play with numbers - Pool your money to purchase an expensive gift for a special loved one.

11. Get gift cards – There are a lot of websites where you can get a discount card from. This will be helpful for you as these cards can give you as much as 15% off on shopping. Online surveys have determined that almost 60% shoppers online are demanding for discount cards.
12. Purchase an earlier model – Purchase an earlier model, rather than the latest technology. The latest gizmos will be expensive and you will also have to wait in-line.

13. Service offering – You can hire help for a friend to finish of DIY projects or something they have been putting off for quite a while. This is one of the best ways to show that you care.

14. Skill teaching. – This is another inexpensive idea. If your friend wants to learn a skill that you possess, then teach him/her. Playing the guitar or teaching your friend how to cook a rare delicacy can be a great holiday gift to present him/her with.

15. Create something – If you possess craftsmanship skills, then create something for your friend/family member whom you want to gift.

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