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Using Highlights Approach for Drawing Attention to Your Long Hair

Women are always seen wondering about what new techniques they could use for making their long hair look even more beautiful. Some women opt for new hairstyles while others start searching for a new hair color. When they’re not satisfied with both, they turn to highlighting.

Many women tend to color and highlight their hair at home while others seek professional help. But sometimes, things can go wrong and you could end up with something entirely different than expected. This being the reason, you should always consult a stylist before coloring or highlighting your hair.

Explain your stylist the type and kind of technique that you want him or her to use and you’ll have your desired every time you enter the parlor. Some women also use Hollywood actresses as references for the type of haircut and color they want.

The 3 Week Diet

Slender Highlights
Highlights that are barely visible and blend in with your naturally blonde hair came in fashion with the appearance Jennifer Aniston on the silver screen. High in demand, these slender highlights need special attention from your stylist.
Tell your stylist to start by covering the base of your head with a color that’s dark blonde. When you’re done with the base color, make sure your stylist uses a highlight color that’s only a single level lighter compared to the color used as base. This will give your hair a blended and bare natural look.

Blending in shades
Take an example from Hollywood’s Kate Hudson whose ideal blonde hue makes her look even more fabulous than ever before. The secret behind her perfect highlights is the blending in of shades. While having a lighter shade appear at the bottom, her hair gives out hues of both dark and light blonde. The shades are perfectly blended in with her stylist’s calculated coloring. Request your stylist for this perfect look by the inclusion of a darker highlight into your on hand hair along with low lights.

This technique came into the spotlight after Sarah Jessica Parker started using it as a style statement for maintaining her diversified look. Ombre involves the use of bleach which is applied to the lower parts of simple brown hair to make it look lighter until it turns into a shade of blonde.

Ombre can be used at home. Take a mixture of bleach and a volume developer of number 20 and start painting the ends of your hair until the hair is completely drenched in the mixture. Be quick and wash out the mixture when you see your hair turning 3 to 4 shades lighter.

Bulky and Bold
If you’re looking for a special and bold look then you should highlight your hair like Fergie. This famous singer has highlights put on in bulk on her hair giving it a wonderful striping look. The highlights are 4 levels lighter as compared to the base color.
For using this technique, you’ll need foils, a brush, a color that’s at least 3 or 4 levels lighter than your existing base color and a developer of 30-volume. Distribute your hair into little chunks and then brush them with the highlighting mixture, leaving it to set for thirty minutes while wrapped in foil. After 30 minutes, you can rinse your hair and get the Fergie look.

The 3 Week Diet

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