Uses of Vodka: Other than Drinking

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Vodka can be used for much more than just drinking. It is a distilled beverage, primarily made up of water and ethanol. You might know that ethanol has a variety of uses. Therefore, vodka can be used to replace expensive chemicals you buy for common use. Here are some tricks you must try.

Trick 1: Air Deodorizer

In case you get in a situation when your room smells horrible, and you don’t have an air freshener, vodka will do the work. Fill a bottle with spray in a 1 to 1 ratio with water and vodka. Spray in the air throughout the room. This will act as a deodorizer and will take care of the bad smell. The smartest thing is that your room will not smell like vodka.

Trick 2: Sticker Remover

Removing a sticker and its residue can sometimes get quite annoying, especially when it comes to pricing tags. You don’t need to spend all that time peeling a sticker if you have a bottle of vodka in your fridge. Simply, soak a piece of sponge or tissue in vodka and rub it on the sticker, such that the sticker totally saturates. Wait for a couple of minutes and the sticker will come off itself. The better part, it won’t leave any sticky residue.

Trick 3: Mold Cleaner

You hate cleaning the mold that develops in your bathroom repeatedly, don’t you? Here is something to deal with it. Due to highly humid environment in washrooms, fungi start to grow in places like shower, curtain and corners of tiles. If you spray a 1:1 mixture of water and vodka on such places, mold won’t appear again as long as the effect lasts. To avoid seeing mold ever again, spray once a week.

Trick 4: As a Shiner

If you have any fixture or appendage made up of chrome, glass or porcelain, which has lost its beauty and shine, vodka will solve the problem. Wet a piece of cloth or sponge with vodka and properly rub the fixture. This will restore the shine of your fixture. To make it as good as it was when new, you may use a brush to reach small groves and details. Use of vodka to clean windows is extremely common. Dilute the vodka with water and then spray it on the glass. Use an old newspaper to clean the glass. This way, you can have clean and crystal clear glass.

Trick 5: Long-lasting Bouquet

Whenever you get a beautiful bouquet, you try to keep it fresh, for as long as you can. Here, is an excellent tip to make your delightful bouquet last longer. Adding little amounts, a few drops, of vodka in the water of your flower vase can do the trick. You will see that your bouquet stays fresh for a longer period.

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