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Unhealthy Fashion Items That Can Make You a Victim

Everybody likes to wear clothes, accessories, and jewelry that are in fashion these days. However, it is surprisingly true that some fashion items can be extremely risky to your health. People are said to be fashion victims if they are addicted to wearing some of the most dangerous fashion items. Have a look at the following fashion items and find out if you are one of them:

Of course, every woman is fond of a perfect pair of high-heels. But did you ever know how it affects your health? Extensive usage of high-heels can cause ankle sprain, hammered toes, and fractures.
However, if you still have the desire to wear high-heels, you can wear heels those are two inches high. Always remember that wearing heels higher than two inches can harm your health badly.

Flip Flops
Research reveals that wearing flip flops is more harmful to your health as compared to wearing high-heels. When a large number of participants were observed in a survey, it was found that flip flops require them to compress their toes to wear them properly. This improper position of toes leads to an amended gait and foot fatigue.

The 3 Week Diet

Tight Shirts and Ties
67% of male workforce complains that their office shirts have extremely small neck sizes. They cannot help it as they do not have the option to wear t-shirts in the office. In addition, they usually have to wear tight ties.
Tight shirts and ties reduce blood circulation within the brain. As a result, they face reduced motion in their neck. Muscle tension increases this way to the shoulders and the back. Moreover, one can get infections easily because ties are cleaned occasionally.

Tight Jeans
Tight jeans can contribute heavily to indigestion. Along with that, people who wear skinny jeans complain frequently about lower-back pain. Women suffer from yeast infections. These kinds of jeans also cause lipoatrophia semicircularis, in which one can have horizontal wounds around thighs.

Heavy Handbags
You might have noticed that women obsessed with fashion accessories are crazy about carrying large-sized handbags. A significant reason behind this trend is convenience. Since you can keep all your essentials in a single bag, you feel at ease while on the go. However, it can harm your health badly. Carrying a handbag on the same shoulder repeatedly can interfere in the proper alignment of your back.

It is definitely a serious concern. Looking into the matter, health professionals recommend that women can carry a handbag that weighs 10% of their own body weight. Exceeding this percentage can cause serious health problems for them.

Accessories with Nickel
If you wear a lot of jewelry with nickel, you can suffer from rashes caused from nickel allergy. It is difficult to get rid of this allergy. Therefore, always remember that prevention is better than cure.

The 3 Week Diet

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