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In a health conscious world, it is everyone’s priority to stay fit and healthy. For this reason, people prefer the safer white meat over its red alternative. Though it is correct to consider white meat as the healthier option, if under-cooked, even this type can be a cause of several health problems. This article specifically talks about under-cooked chicken meat.

It is important to realize the signs which make it evident that the chicken meat we are eating is under-cooked. The most obvious one is the pink color of the meat, showing signs of rawness. Notwithstanding that, this color should not deter one from eating smoked chicken because then it is natural for this shade to appear. Furthermore, the meat nearest to the bone is also at a high risk of staying under-cooked, regardless of spending a significant amount of time in the oven. This is also likely to happen even when chicken meat is properly defrosted.

Under-cooked chicken poses a high risk of being infected with bacterial microbes such as Campylobacter, Salmonella or Staph aureus; the last one being a drug-resistant type of strain. These pathogens are known to be responsible for causing food poisoning, which in extreme cases is life-threatening. After consuming under-cooked chicken, it is common for one to experience symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and a fever.

These nevertheless, are symptoms of a mild nature and will disappear within two days. More alarmingly though, whereas the adverse effects of Salmonella can be noticed in a couple of days, Campylobacter does not manifest itself for up to a period of eight to ten days. One can however, distinguish between the two by observing the kind of diarrhea they suffer from. Watery diarrhea is caused by Salmonella, whereas diarrhea caused by Campylobacter is bloody.

Salmonella is known to be responsible for causing a medical condition called Bacteremia. A person affected may suffer from a range of diseases; these include pericarditis, osteomyelitis, hepatitis, meningitis and pneumonia. One may also contract typhoid by eating chicken infected with Salmonella typhi. This happens when the stated pathogen passes on to the chicken from its handlers.

Symptoms can include a high fever, abdominal pain, weakness and rashes; although, it is worth mentioning that the occurrence of such a disease is somewhat rare. Campylobacter on the other hand, is known to cause Guillan-Barre syndrome, where one suffers from temporary paralysis of ascending nature.

In order to avoid the above mentioned adverse effects, it is important to realize how to prevent chicken from being under-cooked. The best way would be to cook it at the appropriate temperature; this depends on the quantity and area size. Give special attention to any instructions given when buying packaged chicken, especially if you are a beginner.

Lastly, take due care with regards to nuggets and check them thoroughly before taking a bite. Given you follow these tips and cook your chicken properly; nothing should deter you from having your healthy and tasteful meal.

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