Toxic household products! dangerous toxins that you might be using

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Each day humans are exposed to numerous toxins that are lurking in their households. These chemicals may cause respiratory diseases and may be carcinogenic in nature. This may be alarming but women are more vulnerable to these toxins as they might give way to fertility issues or even miscarriages. In this article you will find out how dangerous toxins are present in your household and how to avoid them.

The most dangerous and common toxins in your house

These chemicals are used in creating plastics for household use as well as nail polishes and other cosmetic items.

Potential danger:  Research has proven that phthalates can harm humans. Exposure to these chemicals has shown organ damage, reproductive harm, endocrine disruption and developmental harm. In some cases even cancer has been diagnosed.

Alternatives: Reduce the use of air fresheners and perfumes. While for women it is advised to buy phthalate free cosmetics to minimize or finish exposure.

These chemicals are commonly found in fruits and vegetables and are abundant in our supply of food. They can be traced in almost all fresh produce.

Problem: Pesticides in our food cause growth retardation in kids. They also blur vision and delay reflexes. Pesticide intake for pregnant women can cause IUD’s and ailments in the new born baby.

Alternatives:  Avoiding pesticides is not possible because even if we persist on buying pesticide free groceries, the chances are that there is a certain percentage of pesticide in the air. We should avoid the use of pesticides in our backyards. Also you should try buying organic food. They may be expensive but definitely worth the purchase.

Heavy metals

Metals like mercury and lead are toxic in nature. If they are ingested by any means they poison the body. These metals stick to fatty tissue present in our reproductive organs and our brain. Heavy metals are usually traced to water supplies and paints.

Hazards:  Symptoms like sweating, nausea, cramps and severe headaches are quite common.

Safer alternatives: There are numerous techniques to reduce heavy metal exposure. First you should monitor you fish intake. Make sure you buy fish which is treated properly and has certified non-toxic properties. Since heavy metals are usually dumped at sea, there is a probability that fish have a certain amount of heavy metals in their bodies. Furthermore, installing an RO system with you water supply will allow the elimination of countless bacteria, infections and heavy metals.

This category includes many ecological toxins. Volatile organic compounds include hairspray, scented candles, perfume and fresh paint.

Hazards: In accordance with the EPA, the consequence of exposure to VOCs is nervous system damage, liver failure, vertigo headaches and ENT irritation.

Safer alternatives: People can easily minimize the effects of VOC’s by simply letting some air into the house. Opening a few windows and circulation of air is a healthy practice. Using n-VOC paints and cosmetics can be essential in saving one from VOC exposure.

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