Top 5 Things That Ruin Your Dieting Plan

September 28, 2012 Comments Off

Majority of the people who have taken up dieting are the ones who want to lose weight. Others may diet too, but only because they’re doctor told them to or they need to be on some kind of strict diet because not doing so will cause health risks.

Anyone can just wake up one day and decide to start dieting but you have to understand the full benefits and repercussions of being on a diet. Many people fail at keeping up with their dieting regimes just because of the small mistakes they make whilst watching their weight.

No Exercise
Losing weight needs to be done in accordance to a plan and this plan should not only include food dos and don’ts but also an emphasis on regular exercise. Most people diet by eating raw fruits and drinking vegetable or green smoothies. But they forget the most important element involved in a diet i.e. exercise. Unless you move your body on a daily basis, no amount of protein shakes or other drinks can help you shed those extra few pounds.

Leaving out on Strength Training
While performing a cardio workout, you should always give a few minutes of your workout time to the dumbbells or weights withering away in a corner of the room. Strength training is important because it makes your muscles stronger and more flexible, burning more calories with every muscle being built. Walking or cycling is a great way to start your cardio but they won’t do you much good except for improving your stamina.

Cutting out on Food Groups
Different food groups possess different nutrients and cutting out on a food group because of your diet plan is always a bad idea. Some food groups like meat or seafood are full of essential nutrients like protein and omega-3. The deficiency of these nutrients can make your diet plan unsuccessful by leaving you weak and unhealthy.

Saying Yes to Premade Meals
People following a specific diet plan often buy premade meals that promise nutrition without the concern of gaining weight. As these meals cost a lot more than the meals you make at home or eat elsewhere, they also leave you baffled on what to eat and what to avoid. This is because these meals get delivered to your place and when you’re out and about, you’ll have to follow your gut on choosing the right meal.

Depriving yourself of Sleep
Always make sure that you get a fair share of your beauty sleep with at least 8 hours of snooze time per night. Sleeping helps burn calories to a much greater extent as compared to staying awake. When you’re awake at sleeping hour, you to eat more and your metabolism tends to slow down making you store extra calories within the body. People who stay wake and chomp on food are much likelier to gain weight rather than those who complete their hours of beauty sleep.

For making an effective diet plan, first examine your existing diet and point out the changes that you want to make. Follow these changes with trying new foods and consuming lots of nutrients like protein etc. and your diet will never end in vain.

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