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Almost every guy you tend to meet these days has some kind of belly muscles or shaped abs. Even having a six pack has become some sort of a norm for guys. Exercising is good for health and having belly muscles can make a guy look more attractive to the ladies along with building up his self-image.

According to Google, the term six-pack alone is searched for on the internet more than a million times a month. Facts like these might come as news to people who possess strong abs because as much as you’d like to shape your abdomen; there are a few things that you might want to consider before your next trip to the gym.

Training Every Single Day Isn’t Mandatory
People try to exercise their abdomen muscles on a daily basis for that perfect shape. But they are unaware of the fact that in reality, they might be overworking these muscles. Try focusing on your abs for no more than three to four times per week. This will give your abdomen muscles ample of time to relax and avoid being damaged or overworked.

Focus On Other Muscle Exercises Too
Try not to limit your entire exercise routine focused on abs exercises. Studies have shown that a workout routine must consist of exercises that condition the entire body along with the abdomen. Placing all your focus on abs exercises may give you stronger abdominal muscles but it won’t flatten or reduce your belly fat. For getting those chiseled abs, every workout regime must consist of cardio and full body muscle exercises along with an intake of healthy foods.

A Well Built Back
You can’t have the perfectly shaped abs for which you joined the gym in the first place if your lower back is weak. Having a weak lower back makes you more liable to injuries while performing abs exercises because the lower back is responsible for providing support and strengthening of the muscles surrounding the abdominal area.

Mirrors Can Be Deceiving
Fats can be of two types i.e. gut fat and hypodermic fat. The latter one is visible when you look at yourself in the mirror. But gut fat is not that visible and it can be residing inside your body covering up major organs like the heart and the liver etc. Hypodermic fat is easy to spot and reduce as you can pinch it because it’s reachable unlike gut fat which can’t be spotted using mirrors. For locating gut fat, you have to have gone through CT scans and MRIs.

Gut fat is more dangerous than hypodermic fat not only because it’s difficult to detect, but also because it interfere with bodily functions damaging the heart and other organs. Gut fat can also give way to life threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer along with high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome and many more.

Protect Yourself From Injuries
Keeping the stomach strong can save you from being plagued by multiple injuries. According to a survey conducted through the American Army, people who exercise their abdominal muscles on a frequent pace are much more likely to get injured than those who don’t.

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