Top 5 reasons to consult a physical therapist

November 29, 2012 Comments Off

By – Sheryl Evan

Have you ever visited a therapist, especially a physical therapist?  If not find out the best reasons below which would help you in choosing a best therapist.

Low back pain:  This is the common problem seen in many software engineers and people who are internet savvy spending much of their time sitting in front of computers. This is caused mostly because of the wrong sitting postures, carrying heavy items and in people who bend forward frequently. Good exercise can make people avoid back pains in them. One should meet a therapist if the pain persists even after self care is taken for few days.

Knee pain:  It’s generally seen in old age people and in sports men. This is caused because of injuries and strains, which in turn makes it difficult in walking, rising up from sitting posture etc. knee pain lasts around 1 to 12 weeks depending on the nature of the pain like acute, sub-acute, or chronic.  Immediate visit to a therapist after the injury or strain could avoid many side effects and would cure the pain promptly.

Hip pain: As hip is the major joint which bears weight in human being, it’s pretty common in many people. The common factors of hip pain includes arthritis , Tendonitis, muscle strains etc. people suffering from hip pains should try to Strengthen the muscles around the hip which will help them to support the joint which in turn puts less stress on the hip. You can avoid hip pain by following regular exercises at home or in gym with instructions provided by your physical trainer or you can opt for physical therapy.

Neck pain:  people who spend most of their time in driving, talking over phone etc will suffer from neck pain. It is mostly caused because of abnormalities in tissues like muscles, ligaments as well as in bones and joints of the spine and also due to prolonged wear and tear. Neck pain mostly lasts for one week provided proper rest is taken.

Wrist pain:  we will use our wrist/hand to perform our daily activities and it may find difficult for people having wrist pain. People like hair stylists, secretaries, cashiers and some small workers are mostly prone to this pain. There are many causes of wrist pain some include Injury, Kienbock’s Disease, Ganglion cysts etc. In fact old people are more likely suffer from wrist pain compared to youngsters.

Other reasons because of which people visit a physical therapist include stroke, brain injury, balance disorders, limb amputation etc. so if you are suffering from any of the physical therapy problems and want to get cured with good treatment and less expenses then alotta therapy would be the best to serve your purpose.

Author Bio: This guest post has written by Sheryl a guest blogger from UK.

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