Top 10 Countries Famous for Human Longevity

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10. Italy – 81.86 Years
An Italian man lives nearly 3.37 years more than an American. The secret of this longevity lies in the food Italians eat such as red wine and olive oil. Both are essential ingredients of the Italian cuisine and antioxidants in them reduce the risks of several diseases such as high cholesterol, blood clotting and heart disease.

9. Australia – 81.90 Years
Several factors are responsible for long life expectancy of Australians such as healthy lifestyle and low smoking. Many experts believe that this longevity is directly associated with the healthcare facilities available to people. According to them, while the U.S. has barred healthcare facilities with an employment status, Australians have access to this facility irrespective of their job.

8. Hong Kong – 82.12 Years
People in Hong Kong consume a healthy diet that mostly comprises of tofu, rice and vegetables. Also, their active lifestyle discourages obesity and other chronic health issues related to weight such as diabetes. This probably is a reason why Hong Kongers outlive residents of the U.S.

7. Guernsey – 82.24 Years
It is said that if you have wealth, you can buy anything. The same is true to the people of this small island who are so rich that they can access and afford all healthcare facilities and healthy food.

6. Andorra – 82.50
Located between the two beautiful countries Spain and France, the residents of this country have a great outdoor lifestyle. They go for picnics and play outdoor games. These activities curb stress, reduce the chances of heart problems and regulate blood pressure. On top of this, the country’s unemployment rate is extremely low and most of the people are educated. All this ensures human longevity.

5. San Marino – 83.07 Years
With more income and healthy working environment, the people in San Marino live nearly 4.5 years more than the U.S. citizens. Since the majority of people works in office settings, the number of deaths due to work-related accidents, there is also less compared to other countries.

4. Singapore – 83.75 Years
Though life in Singapore is very fast, its people lead a happy and content life. A large portion of their diet comprises of vegetables and rice, which is why they live longer and are active as well. Also, the government is very concerned about cleanliness, and smokers are confined to only smoking areas so that others don’t get affected by smoke.

3. Japan – 83.91 Years
Japan has an incredible low obesity rate – nearly 3.1 percent. Japanese consumes rice, vegetables and fish, all of which have a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acid. It reduces the risks of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Its contribution in preventing Alzheimer’s is also remarkable. Japanese also has a healthy habit of eating less and walking more – which indicate a healthy lifestyle.

2. Macau – 84.43 Years
A major source of revenue for Macau is its attractive casinos that garner a number of visitors each year that want to try their luck. Reportedly, 70% of this revenue is spent on healthcare projects for the well-being of people.

1. Monaco – 89.68 Years
Monaco shares many qualities of long-living countries such as a healthy lifestyle, a lot of investments in health programs and consumption of Mediterranean diet. This reduces the risk of high blood pressure, stress and cardiovascular disease – which decreases life expectancy.

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