Tips to Save on warm up and Home Insulation

November 25, 2012 Comments Off

This article gives you tips for staying warm without spending too much money this winter.

1) Only head the room you spend most of your time in. Don’t heat the whole house if you only use the living room and one bedrooms. Only heat the bedroom in the evening when you are going to be in there, and don’t leave the heating on when you are out.

2) Have plenty of hot drinks and warm food to keep you feeling warmer. Soups and stews are very cheap to make but are also warming. Add beans or lentils to give you more energy.

3) Use a hot water bottle in your bed rather than an electric blanket to save money.

4) Wear extra clothes rather than putting the heating up higher. Wear long socks, a vest and a thick jumper. Wear warmer clothes in bed too, instead of leaving the heating on all night.

5) Insulate your loft and cavity walls. You can get free grants for this or money towards it so check if you are entitled.

6) Block up drafts and keep doors shut to cold rooms to help keep the heat in. Don’t open the outside doors for longer than you need to.

7) Look for the cheapest deal for your fuel bills, you may be surprised how much you can save.

8) Avoid putting the central heating on for as long as possible. Instead just use a fire of halogen heater in the room you spend most of your time in.

9) Use thick curtains on doors and windows to help prevent cold coming in from them. Leave these shut on very cold days, but open them if it is sunny. Put rugs on the floor to help the room stay warm if you have tiles or wooden floors.

10) Take advantage of other peoples heating by going out in the day instead of staying home.

Here are just a few ways that you can save money heating your house this winter.

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