Tips on How to Avoid Jet Lag

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caucasian man stressed by jet lag with time zone clock backgroundNobody wants to suffer from jet lag when traveling to a new country. Jet lag will hinder your travelling and affect your health. However, when you travel to another time zone, jet lag is bound to happen, right? Wrong! Frequent travelers who are constantly traveling around the world are able to avoid jet lag, no matter the different time zones they have to face. They recommend the following tips on how to avoid it:

Always get a good night’s sleep before traveling
All travelers recommend sleeping well before traveling. They warn that without a good night’s sleep and rest, you will never have a good flight experience. In addition, never leave your packing for the last minute.

Exercise regularly
Frequent travelers recommend exercising regularly. Regular exercise will decrease stress in your body and will keep you in shape. Individuals who are out of shape suffer the most from jet lag.

Keep yourself hydrated
Water is your best friend. Make sure while traveling that you keep yourself well hydrated. According to frequent flyers, dehydration can make people’s jet lag ten times worst. Some of the travelers even recommend drinking green tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants, and thus it enhances your body’s immunity. Your body’s immunity is important because on the plane, you are breathing in other passengers’ exhalation.

Avoid alcoholic drinks on the plane
Do not think alcohol will help calm your nerves on the plane. It is your worst enemy on the plane because it adds to your fatigue and jet lag.

Mediate while traveling
Many individuals are not able to relax on the plane. It is a difficult task; however, you should try meditation. In the plane, close your eyes and sit quietly. Stop thinking about unnecessary things and close down your mind completely. This will make your flight easier.

Natural supplements that stop jet lag
Many frequent flyers recommend some supplements that help them avoid jet lag. Let us start with standard Rhodiola extract; consuming 400 milligrams per day is sufficient. It improves stamina and gives you strength. Most importantly consuming this extract will reduce stress hormones in your blood. Next, we have melatonin. Around one to two milligrams per day will help you sleep well. Consume melatonin before boarding, if you want to sleep on the flight.

Frequent flyers also recommend Emergen-C. This is a branded product that contains a unique blend of Vitamin C and mineral ascorbates. Dissolve an effervescent Emergen-C into water before your flight. It will give you a boost of non-caffeinated energy.

There are also natural and herbal remedies that can stop jet lag. Try ginseng and schisandra berry. Consume 200 milligrams of schisandra berry to improve mental fitness. Similarly, consuming ginseng will be great for your brain. It will increase oxygen utilization and improve your mental function overall. Make sure you buy 500 milligrams of ginseng.

Try all the  tips above and see what a difference it makes. You will never to suffer from another jet lag!

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