Things You Should Avoid Before Sleeping

July 10, 2012 Comments Off

Sleep is a very important aspect of our lives. There are many things that can disrupt your sleep and cause you to feel tired and sleepy in the morning. Here is a list of pre-bedtime activities that you should avoid, if you want to wake up fresh and bright every morning:

1)  Don’t hit the gym before bedtime

It is good to exercise but definitely not before your bedtime. If you exercise before your bedtime then that raises your body temperature. This will make it more difficult for you to doze off. Early morning is the best time to exercise.

2)  Switch off all the electronic devices before going to bed

Are you one of those individuals who are hooked to your TV or laptop before bedtime? According to research, this is not good because the light from the screens can stop the development of melatonin in your body. This is a hormone that helps you doze off at nighttime. So, make it a habit to switch off your TV and laptop about an hour before your bedtime.

3)  Taking a hot shower or bath before your bedtime is a big NO

It is nice to relax and unwind with a hot shower or bath before bedtime. However, like exercise, taking a hot shower or bath raises your body temperature, which is not good for you. You might become overheated or sweaty; this will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. Allow your body to cool down before your bedtime.

4)  Sipping fluids before going to bed

Drinking any beverages or just plain water is not a good idea before going to bed because they lead to night bathroom breaks. This will ruin your sleep.

 5)  Tackling work before your bedtime

When you work before your bedtime, it stimulates your brain unnecessarily and causes you to stress out. Thus, you will have a difficult time dozing off at bedtime.

6)  Reading something exciting before going to bed

Bookworms love to read books before their bedtimes. If you are reading a really interesting book, you will keep delaying going to bed because the novel is so interesting. In the end, you will stay up the whole night completing the novel. The next day you will suffer because of your curiosity.

7)   No pet should be allowed to sleep on the bed

Once in a while, it is nice to cuddle up with your pet for an afternoon nap but don’t make it a habit.  Even a small pet like a Chihuahua that weighs 6 pounds can take up a large space in your bed. You will always be worried about it while sleeping.

8)  Don’t have any serious conversation with your spouse before bedtime

You have something serious to discuss with your spouse then talk to him or her in the morning. Research indicates that it is not a good idea to sleep after a traumatic experience or an argument because it will effect your emotions. After a fight or serious discussions, your emotions will be high, so you will have a difficult time falling asleep.

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