Things You Didn’t Know About Ideal Weight

August 9, 2012 Comments Off

It is good to watch out for your weight. After all, all of us want to feel good in our skin. According to experts, we need to maintain our weight according to our height. Still, most of us have an ideal weight in our mind that we want to achieve. Here some interesting facts about body weight:

1)  Your scale doesn’t tell the complete story – When you step on the weighing scale, a lot of factors influence which number your weighting scale shows you. What you ate last or whether you well-hydrated or not, can also influence your weight. Heavy, dense bones and strong muscles can also add extra weight to your body.

2) Body Mass  Index doesn’t work anymore – Body Mass Index takes your height into account. Doctors approve of BMI than simply knowing your weight. However, it turns out that even BMI doesn’t tell the complete story. There have been cases where individuals with dense bones have been told that they are overweight or obese. Then there are cases where individuals suffering from anorexia have been told that they are doing great because their BMIs were perfect. Our point is that even though you might have the ideal weight or BMI, it is not good if you have it because you are unhealthy.

3) Skinny fat is not a good thing – When you start to lose weight, you don’t only lose fat, you also lose muscle. You need to maintain your muscle mass because it helps you keep a higher metabolism and retain a shapely body. An interesting thing about weight is when you lose your muscle mass, you will reduce weight. This doesn’t mean that you have lost all your body fat. Sometime individuals have a higher percentage of body fat than percentage of muscle mass. This is not good.

4) You might have the ideal weight but you would still be carrying too much belly fat – Nobody wants a big waistline, even if they have the ideal weight. There are cases when individuals lose weight but they are not able to get rid of their belly fat. Belly fat is not good because it can lead to diabetes, heart diseases and even some cancers.  When measuring your waist, note it should be on the same level as your navel. It is not good if men have waist circumference over 40 inches. For women, waist circumference less than 35 inches is fine.

5)Your weight does not define your life – Sometimes we become too obsessed with our weighing scale. Remember your weight does not define your self-worth. So what if you weigh a few pounds more than your ideal weight? This doesn’t mean you are not special. You just need to work extra hard to lose those extra pounds and you can do it!

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