The Magic Wand for Your Kitchen

July 10, 2012 Comments Off

When you are slaving away in a hot kitchen, you want to finish your cooking as soon as possible. If your kitchen is well-organized with all your necessities within reach, you will have an easier time cooking. For example, always keep your heavily used items like knives and ingredients like spices in front of you. Here are some tools that can help you keep your kitchen super-organized:

1)  Squeeze Bottle For Storing Liquids Like Oils And Vinegar

While cooking dishes, it is difficult to balance things. Start storing liquids like oils and vinegar in squeeze bottles so that you don’t have to unscrew bottle lids or open cap lids every time you have to use oils or vinegar. With a gentle press, you can squeeze the amount of oil you want into your pan. The best thing about these squeeze bottles is that it will precisely squeeze the oil where you want in the pan. You can even snip the plastic nozzle so that you can have a bigger opening.  Also, don’t forget the normal use of these squeeze bottles, which is to store sauces, ketchup and mustard.

2)  Magnetic Knife Strip To Keep Your Knife Easily Accessible

Do you store your knives in a drawer? This is dangerous because you can easily cut yourself whenever you look for a particular knife. A magnetic knife strip is the best way to store your knives because the strip is mounted on the wall. This allows you to easily select whichever knife you need. You can also stick any heavily used metal item on the strip for easy access.

3)  Magnetic Spice Rack – The Best Spice Cabinet

All of us store our spices and herbs in little jars and glass bottles. You probably have a spice and herb cabinet filled with jars and bottles. Sometimes, when you are in a rush to put a particular spice in your dish, you will have a tough time looking for that particular spice. This is why a magnetic spice rack is the best way to store your spices and herbs. Some can be mounted on the wall while some can be placed on your counter top.

4)  A Plastic Ruler To Take Or Check Random Measurements

You can use a plastic ruler for a number of things like measuring the thickness of meat or when you are rolling out the dough. However, make sure you wash the ruler carefully, especially after it has come in contact with raw meat.

5)   Needle Nose Pliers – To Get Rid Of Fish Bones

It is impossible to remove fish bones with your fingers because the bones are too small to grip properly. Plus, they can break easily inside the fish. Use needle nose pliers for the job.

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