The Health Dangers of Coke

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Over the years, there has been much research and study on the nature and effects of soft drinks. These studies have proven beyond any doubt that soft drinks are far from healthy. The substances used for preparing these fluids pose a threat to the human body, affecting its functions in numerous ways.

Coca-cola or more commonly referred to a Coke is considered to be the first soft drink ever to be invented by man.  Appearing formerly as Classic Coke, its manufacturers have turned to flavor variations along with the introduction of Coke Zero which is said to contain zero calories.

Being one of the most famous soft drinks consumed around the world, the Coke also has certain hazards associated with it.

Coca-cola, the soft drink giant, claims that except for the zero calorie beverages, all other drinks contain a rough amount of 39 grams of sugar per can. According to a research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, consumption of such a beverage on a daily basis can bring you closer to having diabetes of type two. There are also reports from the school that indicate that a person who drinks such a beverage with the frequency of one soft drink per day, is  25 percent more liable to obtaining problems associated with blood sugar.

Reports from the MayoClinic suggest that a twelve ounce serving of this beverage contains caffeine that can range anywhere from thirty five to forty seven milligrams. The clinic also stressed that caffeine consumption can lead to physical and mental distress. Symptoms may include the feeling of restlessness and anxiety accompanied with frequent headaches. Drinking this beverage prior to bedtime can result in sleep deprivation.

Gaining Weight
A single can of this beverage contains 140 empty calories. You may consume a can of Coke and think you’re ready to work but that’s not the real picture. In reality, when these empty calories are added to your diet, your energy expenditure is doubled and you feel more and more lethargic, consuming even more food than usual.
Research conducted by the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in 2004, has led scientists to the conclusion that the sweetening factor of this beverage is the high content of ‘fructose corn syrup’ used in its manufacturing process. This corn syrup is not easy to digest as compared to the sugar used in everyday life leading to excess consumption of calories and giving way to weight gain.

Caffeine content that is used in the manufacturing process of this beverage functions like a diuretic within the body. A diuretic makes you want to urinate more frequently than usual. This unwarranted urination leads to dehydration. The loss of water from the body also includes the untimely loss of important salts and minerals. This is the reason why the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has discouraged the consumption of this beverage, especially in between or after sporting events.

The manufacturers of Coke tend to use artificial sweeteners for maintaining the beverage’s zero calorie status. This artificial sweetener contains phenylalanine which when mixed with other medication, leaves the body weaker and is liable for worsening of prevailing health conditions.

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