Ten Places to Look for Allergens at Home

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People are always wondering why their allergies persist even though they take precautions and keep their homes free of allergens. What they don’t realize is that these microscopic creatures lurk in places you can’t even imagine looking. By looking for allergens in the right places, you can keep your house clean and get rid of the growing bacteria that these allergens feed on.

Plant Pots
Many people like to keep plants indoors. These potted plants become a breeding ground for mold spores, which ultimately spread to the flooring of a house making their way towards other places. For the prevention of these mold spores, make sure that your potted plant has a saucer beneath it to prevent the mold from spreading to the floor. There shouldn’t be any standing water or dead leaves lying in the pots either.

Dwelling Pets
People usually believe that pet allergies are caused by their fur but they’re wrong. Allergens like dander i.e. dead skin are responsible for causing many allergies. Common places for finding allergens also include spaces where the excrements of a pet can be found including their saliva.

Always make sure that a house with pets should be clean and well ventilated with a good flow of air passing through the windows. You also need to be care about vacuuming your carpets and cushions that are prone to trapping dust and dander. Wash your sheets and hands regularly to avoid allergen transfer.

Tapestries and Rugs
Carpets, tapestries and rugs are a haven for dust mites because they can easily feed on the collected dust residing in the fibers and move around unnoticed. Their feces along with the mites act as huge triggers for allergies. You can always get rid of the carpets and avoid these allergies from appearing altogether. But if you can’t push yourself to do so, you can always use a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter keeping the humidity down and the bathroom vents open.

Dust collected on your old books may be an able residence for allergens like dust mites, book lice or mold spores etc. You know your books are infested with these pests when your allergies start to show every time you decide to handle them.Regular vacuuming and keeping a low level of humidity in your house can help curb this issue. Preventing books from being covered by dust by placing them in a closed space may also help you a great deal.

Padded Furniture
Padded furniture can be an ideal place for dust mites to hide and breed, especially when it’s placed in damp areas like the basement etc. Keeping the furniture out of humidity with routine vacuuming can help save you from these pesky mites.

Dead skin cells left by your body every time you sleep on the bed are ideal for attracting dust mites. If you don’t like sharing your bed with these mites, try buying sheets and pillow cases that are anti-allergen. Use bed spreads that are easy to wash with hot water.

Stuffed Toys
Stuffed toys are also ideal places for dust mites to reside and multiply. You can always buy toys that are made from materials that can be washed in hot water along with being cuddly. Wash these toys once a week and don’t forget to dry them completely before handing them over to your kid.

Keep your bathrooms dry and ventilated because damp tiles can attract mold spores to grow in between them. Use cleaning supplies that include bleaching products to kill of any residing bacteria.

Kitchen Items
Dripping refrigerators are great at attracting mold that can spread to the food stored in it. This can again trigger your allergies. Also, uncovered trash cans and lying food bits can attract bugs like cockroaches that can infest your kitchen with allergy triggering bacteria.

Air Conditioning Ducts
AC ducts can be full of allergens collected within its cooling coils. Fungus growth is also a possibility if the air conditioning ducts are left unclean. The use of disinfectants is a must for AC ducts at least once a year.

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