Teen Girls: Things to Know About Dieting

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Teen Girls: Things to Know About Dieting

The relationship between girls and food has never been worse than what it is today. Although, more girls are on the diet, the number of girls who are overweight today is more than ever before. Dieting is causing different eating disorders. According to a research published in British Medical Journal, girls on a moderate diet are five times more prone to being bulimic or anorexic (eating disorders) than those who don’t diet at all. While girls on a severe diet plans are 18 times more likely to suffer from an eating disorder.

What Causes Eating Disorders? Though nutrition’s unbalanced intake is the main cause of eating disorders, psychological factors make their part. Looking in the mirror feels horrible when you have those gorgeous models in your mind. Girls don’t realize that the beauty they watch on TV and/or magazine is fake. Computerized enhancements make them look thinner, taller and drop-dead gorgeous. Dieting does nothing but adds to the pain. You can’t enjoy eating at birthday parties and with friends anymore. In the end, you wind up having eating disorders and a depressed life.

How to Make Things Better? Here are some tips that can help you in coping with your depressed mental conditions and bad eating habits. Quit Watching Media Glamour It is the look of a dashing model that instigates the desire to go on a diet. Quit looking at them on TV, magazines or posters. This will help you forget the idea of dieting. Remove all the posters and magazines from your home. Try to internalize the fact that the beauty you look at in magazines is artificial and does nothing more than ruining your life.

Your Looks Are Not Everything Catherine Steiner researches about eating disorders at Harvard Medical School. She believes that girls get the message, that their looks are the most important thing about themselves. Nevertheless, skills, abilities and aptitude are more important in building a fine personality. It is not necessary to look beautiful to pursue with your goals.


Dieting is not the only option you have; working out will do the trick. Exercise every day, be it in the form of working out at gym, jogging in the park or yoga in the morning. Working out not only gives you the flat tummy you crave; it will also keep you healthier, more active and laded with all the confidence you need.

Eat When You Feel Hungry Girls sometimes resist eating until their stomach cramps, while when in a mood, they don’t let go the up-sized sundae. Eating according to your mood is not clever. Eat when you feel hungry, eat sufficient but don’t fill yourself up to the throat.

Yo-yo Dieting

Girls get inspired by their friends to start dieting. They keep dieting for a week, but in the next week, they eat more than what they would normally eat. Such imprudent dieting habits result in an unbalanced diet and increasing weight. This is the main cause of increment in the number of overweight girls, these days.

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