Surprising Hidden Health Benefits of Alcohol

September 14, 2012 Comments Off

Looking for a healthy living? Try out a glass of alcohol and test the results!

There are various hidden benefits of alcohol that have well been known since long ago. The bible itself has mentions that alcohol has so many medicinal properties so many times. Alcohol helps in controlling various conditions such as peripheral artery diseases, high blood pressure or hyper tension, liver disease, pancreatic cancer, gall stones, hepatitis A, angina pectoris, kidney stones, duodenal ulcer, diabetes, hearing problems, digestive ailments, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures, poor cognition and memory, macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, erectile dysfunction, Parkinson’s disease, depression and stress. Various studies have also proved that alcohol consumption decreases the rate of heart attacks and strokes as well.

Various results from several studies that have been done on many men and women from different countries have showed that consisted consumption of alcohol reduces the number of deaths from heart diseases and also a host of other ailments. Well, what makes alcohol consumption keep getting all the bad press? I do not think that it is alcohol to blame, but rather the alcohol consumers because some of them highly abuse it. For alcohol to be of beneficial, people should take it in moderate doses. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and alcoholism has severally reported that moderate drinkers have a major longevity. Moderate drinking of alcohol results to a sharp decrease in of heart disease.

Specifically, wine has little content of alcohol in it. However, it is very helpful when it comes to digestion. Many people take wine after a heavy meal as it helps in digestion of the food taken. This does not mean that wine should be taken intensely. A glass or half glass of it can do after every meal. High consumption of wine can lead to various problems including liver cirrhosis because a lot of alcohol is stored in the liver. Wine is very safe for drinking. It contains resveratrol which is found in some plants such as eucalyptus, lily, peanuts, spruce and mulberries. It is mostly abundant in grapes that are used to make wine. The amount of this ingredient contained in the wine is directly proportional to the length of time that the grape skins which are present in the process of fermentation.

Another hidden benefit of alcohol is that of relaxing. It is health to make your body relax and each time you feel tired. Many people use alcohol as the guard to their stressful life, but this is not healthy at all. It does not help, but rather cause so many problems. When you feel tired after work, and you want to relax, the best thing to make you feel relaxed is consuming a glass of alcohol. Alcohol can help in cutting down calories for those people who have weight problems. Even when you look around, you find that so many people who are under the influence of alcohol never add weight too much. This is because they do not have a problem with digestion. It is thus recommended that people who want to lose weight can easily cut down their body calories through moderate consumption of alcohol. Therefore, alcohol has many health benefits to our bodies if it is taken moderately.

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