Sneak Exercise into Your Day the Smart Way

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Busy moms often tend to gain weight, as it gets difficult for them to find time for work out after their busy schedules. Even if they are not looking after their kids, there are one million things waiting for their attention both at home and at work. To tackle this routine, busy moms should sneak in exercise the smart way during their schedule. Don’t know how to do that? Find out!

The Game Play

A deck of cards can get your body moving with a simple game. Assign a particular exercise to each of the four suits. For example, you can assign spades for push-ups, diamonds for sit-ups and hearts for squats. Now mix the cards and pick the first one to see what you next step is. If it is five of spades then you must perform five reps of the push-ups. Keep playing and enjoy working out until you turn over the last card.

Stroller Lunge

Spending time with your little one in the evening at a park? It is time that you perform your lunges using a stroller. Take the stroller as your base and perform back lunges, side lunges and forward lunges. A little exercise on a beautiful evening watching your little one play around isn’t a bad deal.

Take a Break

Many women enjoy watching TV after their hectic schedule throughout the day. How about you take a short commercial break from your position and perform some exercise? There are two sets of exercises suitable for this time. Wait for the next commercial break to perform your first set of squats and push-ups with 10 reps each. Keep lunges and sit-ups for the next break.

Crosswalk Exercise

Crossing the road and waiting for the pedestrian signal to turn green? Even if you are carrying your baby in a stroller or on your back, you can perform squats, lunges or stretches meanwhile.

Family Workout

How about you teach your children some exercise moves? Small training sessions for sit-ups, jumping jacks, squats, and jumps could be a great training lesson for your kid. Not only you will be able to teach some good moves to your children, but working out together will be a blast!

Group of Moms

So you know about other moms in the neighborhood who want to work out and stay fit? This could be of great help especially when it comes to motivation. Encourage each other and work for this mom squad. Go jogging together and take leading turns so that you learn new moves every time. Compare weight and progress to stay motivated.

 Use Stairs

Always avoid elevators when you have the option of climbing up the stairs. Do not hesitate because you have a baby to carry – that’s even better. Walk up and down the stairs wherever possible.

Although it is not easy for busy moms to maintain a regular workout routine every day, these easy sneak in tips can still help them improve their fitness level dramatically.

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