The 3 Week Diet

Skin-Friendly, Natural Beauty Alternatives

Most of the beauty conscious women have stocked up their shelves with endless beauty products, hair products and cosmetics. Many women also witness how beneficial using various beauty products have proved for them. However, in reality the harsh preservatives and chemicals used in these beauty products do more harm than good to you. The following list will guide you how you can avoid using products with harmful ingredients and how you can replace them with healthier alternate options.

Lead – Free Lipstick

Although lead is banned from products like pencils and paint, it is still commonly found in cosmetics. This is because there is no limit yet set on the usage of lead in cosmetics by the U.S FDA. All top brands of lipsticks are rich with this harmful ingredient and are becoming a leading cause of cancer and brain damage due to lead poisoning.

The 3 Week Diet

You can opt for creating your own lipsticks made up of natural products like raspberries, radishes and strawberries. You can also do proper research in finding lipsticks that are lead-free.

Transparent Nail Enamels

If you are a nail color lover then you must also be fond of that last super shiny transparent coat you apply over your nail color. Have you ever read the ingredients before using them on your nails? Dibutyl phthalate is a very common ingredient in all nail enamels. This particular chemical is said to be threatening to the nervous system according to

Look for chemical-free or organic nail polishes and add the shiny coat with a natural olive oil application.

Organic Hair Serums

Formaldehyde is another common harmful chemical prevailing in the beauty world through various hair products. The most common hair products include the Brazilian Blowout for hair relaxing and straightening. This chemical treatment should be aborted immediately.

Instead, fall in love with your natural waves and control. In order to control fly-away and tame frizz, you can also use water-based or organic hair serums.

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Natural Oils for Fragrance

Most of those expensive and branded scent you posses include a very harmful chemical known as diethyl phthalate. This chemical is known as a skin irritant and is still used in perfumes, colognes and skincare products with fragrance. Replace these intoxicating but harmful colognes, creams and perfumes with natural oils such as flax seeds, bergamot, rose, jojoba and lavender.

Natural Oils for Deodorants and Cleansers

Once again, you can make your own cleansers, sanitizers, soaps and deodorants with natural oils, vitamins and essence. You need to do this to keep carcinogenic ingredients, such as triclosan, from affecting your health. This is a very common antibacterial compound present in soaps, deodorants and cleansers. They are not only claimed to be toxic, but are also linked with developmental defects and cancer.

Other than these, propylene glycol and parabens are common ingredients found in inorganic cosmetics, moisturizers, toothpaste, deodorants, creams, sunscreens and hair strengtheners. This chemical is associated with various skin ailments including eczema and hives and is also said to result in headaches and nausea.

Follow a DIY approach as much as you can and boycott all the products that contain chemicals that are harmful for your health in the long run.

The 3 Week Diet

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