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Skin Care Tips – Things You Must Know Before Going Out in the Sun

The Sun can be both, good and bad. Sun rays are very important for your whole body, as they contain important vitamins, but too much of it can excessively damage your skin or your eyes. The Sun has two kinds of rays (UVA and UVB) that damage the skin in different ways.

Some important things that you must keep in mind before stepping out to face the blazing sun are:

Cover Yourself

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Too much exposure to direct sunrays can cause skin burns. Some people have very sensitive skins that easily get affected by strong sunrays. It is important to cover yourself from head to toe when stepping out in the Sun.


It is believed that tanning can help keep one safe from sunburns, but research says that it does not really help control it as significantly as expected.

Natural tan is good and it is important to be under the sun and soak in some rays to remain healthy. However, over exposure can cause some serious damage. Some doctors believe that too much exposure can lead to cancer.

Importance of Sunscreen

When you step out of the door, use a good sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the rays. UVA and UVB rays can cause serious damage to the skin. A good sun block helps protect against these rays.

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 Worry and Notice

SPF 50 and SPF 70 give the same level of protection against sun rays. The difference in number doesn’t really make much of a difference. As a matter of fact, the spectrum is more important than the SPF number. A broad-spectrum sunscreen (with an SPF of 15 or higher) is preferred, as it provides better protection against both kinds of rays.

The Truth of Water-resistant Sunscreens

People believe that water-resistance sunscreens work like magic and are actually ‘waterproof’. This is nothing but a myth. Sunscreen isn’t water proof, and you cannot take a bath or swim with the lotion applied. It only means that the protection will not wash off right away. They have to be reapplied after every bathing or swimming session.

 Hat, Shades and Sunscreen

Have your head covered with a hat when stepping out as it blocks the rays that directly hit your head, but a hat cannot stop the rays that reflect back from the ground and reach the face. Sun rays can cause great damage to your eyes. Cover them using good quality shades.

The Power of Clothes

Dark colors work well against sunrays during summer, as they absorb heat. According to the Skin Care Foundation, colors like orange, black and blue offer a better protection against rays. It should also be noted that loose-fitting clothing is better than fitted-clothing during the hot summer season. The material of the dress also matters a lot. A tightly woven fabric is better, as it stops rays from penetrating the skin to a great extent. A transparent looking dress is a no-no.

Can Your Skin Color Protect You?

The skin color, to a larger extent, decides the extent of impact that sunrays have on your skin. Lighter skin is more prone to sunburns, as dark skin has a pigment called melanin that acts as a natural sunscreen. But this does not mean that you don’t have to use any kind of protection just because your skin is dark. Your skin might not flush potato-red, but it might definitely face some adverse conditions in the long-run.

Sunlight and Vitamin D

The Vitamin D contained in sun rays is very important for your health. However, it is only good in limited quantities. People who sit under the direct sun light, believing it would do them good are actually wrong, as the sun might actually do more damage to their skin.

Remember these important points when stepping out in the sun to jog, workout or just have fun and have a healthier skin and life.

The 3 Week Diet

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