Simple ways to Clean Your Windows Quickly

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Who doesn’t like those squeaky clean windows glistening under the sunlight? Cleaning windows is an essential part of house cleaning partly because windows are a big part of the aesthetics. But mostly because even the smallest stains can be visible from a distance and thus a potential source of embarrassment for you.

Now cleaning windows is not a very difficult task but does require some technique. In this article we will talk about cleaning the windows effectively in a few simple steps. So let us begin by first telling you that you do not require expensive tools or equipment. Neither do you need the services of a cleaning crew. This is not rocket science and anyone can have sparkling windows with a little effort and determination.

Cleaning a Picture Window
Picture windows require big window cleaning clothing rags. If you do not have a specialized window cloth you can use a clean rag of cloth or a squeegee. The cloth soaks up the soap and loosens the dust particles on the window’s surface as you wipe across. As a cleaning soap you can use window cleaning solutions or simply some dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water.

Start wiping from the top corner of the glass. Start making a circular or ‘S’ shaped motion across a region of the glass. Once you see the area all cleaned up, polish the surface of the glass with a dry cloth to remove the thin film of soapy water that has accumulated. It is important to dry the glass as soon as possible or it will dry and leave more stains. Linen napkins or cloth diapers are ideal to use as dry cloths.

Lastly, make sure the soapy water solution is not very bubbly and lathered up as it will be harder to remove from the glassy surface.

Cleaning Windows with Multiple Panes
If you are a big fan of using squeegees then there is a bit of extra work you will need to do for windows with multiple panes. It is very likely that a large squeegee will not fit on the glass panes for effective cleaning. In this instance you will need to cut the length of the squeegee and bring it to about ¾ the width of a single window pane. If you do not want to go through this hassle then just use a clean rag and repeat the procedure as stated above.
For squeegee users, it is wise to wipe the blade at the end of every stroke with a clean rag to avoid streaks the next time you wipe the glass. Once the glass is clean use the edges of the squeegee to loosen any remaining dust particles for a sparkling finish.

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