The 3 Week Diet

Simple Kitchen Mistakes That Cost You Money

People are usually more concerned about preparing a meal quickly but they do not realize that they tend to waste some of the food items in their hurry. Many cooks and authors of cooking books have shared their experiences in which their rapidity of cooking resulted in harmful consequences.

In such experiences, the cooks are at fault because they lost their focus while cooking. There is absolutely no point in preparing food quickly if you put in the wrong ingredients because you are too busy to notice that.

Following are some of the mistakes that people make while cooking in a rush, which leads to the wastage of food:

The 3 Week Diet
  • Using cold items. When you mix your dish with cold items like cold eggs or milk, the baked food becomes thick. You need to let those cold items get temperate by keeping them out for atleast half an hour before adding them to the mixture.  If you place butter or oil in a cold utensil, they will not cover the tool; instead they will get immersed into the food. You need to warm up the utensil first for about two minutes and then add the butter or oil.
  • Mixing garlic too early. Garlic is sometimes added into the food before time. This either burns it or turns it brown. Once garlic is adversely affected, the entire dish spoils somehow. So, to avoid this to happen, make sure garlic isn’t added early.
  • Applying faster methods to tough cuts. Harder cuts need more time to get cooked properly, the faster you cook them, the flavorless they will become. These cuts usually need time to be cooked at their best.
  • Flipping the meat before time. You need to wait in order to make sure that one side of the meat has been cooked properly before turning it. If you keep turning the meat over and over again, it will only get dry and hard. So, it will be better if you ensure that the meat turns brown before you flip it.

Doing many tasks at once. When you are doing so many tasks at the same time, such as, making salad, stirring the fry pan, boiling eggs, filling up bottles, there is a high risk that few of your tasks will be done wrong. Either you will end up over-cooking the food or drying out some items. This will be the clear result of you being so unreasonably quick.

The 3 Week Diet

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