Shop Healthy, Shop Smart – Best Ways to Save Money on Healthy Food

August 5, 2012 Comments Off

It is important to eat healthy food in order to live a healthy life, but most people shy away from having healthy eating habits for various reasons. One of the major reasons is the ‘money’ factor. People have the preconceived judgment that healthy foods are expensive. Well, no…Not really. A healthy meal, if planned well, can actually be a little cheaper than your regular meal.

Given below are 4 tips that will help you save a lot.

Buy in Bulk

You’ll have too many people giving you this advice, but have you really ever followed it? This one is bound to work. You can save a lot of money by buying in bulk. For example, a can of organic pinto beans at Trader Joe’s costs $1.19. But at most of the health stores, you can get a pound of organic pinto beans (dried) for only $1.89. When cooked, that’s over 4 cans worth of beans. This is a hard-to-say-no offer.

Not just beans, you can also buy other items, such as fruits and vegetables in bulk and save yourself a lot of money on a regular basis.

No Extra Spending

Stop spending extra money. You don’t need to have chocolate or a burger daily. Save money and spend it on things healthier and more useful. Breakfast at McDonalds is delicious, but at the same time is full of calories. Breakfast consisting of boiled eggs and fresh juice is not only healthier but cheaper too.

Say No to Packed Foods

Almost all the big stores charge you extra money for the ready-to-cook food that comes in tin. They might be easier to buy, but not only are they expensive but also are not as healthy as fresh products. Buying fresh stuff is always a good idea.

Get a Garden

Get yourself a kitchen garden, or if you are blessed with some space then grow one in the front or back yard. Some vegetables, such as mint, onion and tomatoes are very easy to grow. They’ll be available in hand and almost for free.

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