Seven Migraine Causes You Didn’t Know About

August 29, 2012 Comments Off

There is a need to know the reasons that lead to a migraine, but the causes vary among people.
Here are the seven migraine causes that most people are unaware of:

Weather:  Changes in weather in the form of high temperature, humidity or barometric pressure can cause a migraine. For this reason, patients need to pay some extra attention because they have no control over the atmosphere.

Days off work: Working people go through some serious stress over the week days so when they get a day off, they suffer from headaches. This could also be due to their different sleeping patterns or diet controls during their days off work.

Sleep too long: If you do not stick to a particular sleeping schedule, you will have to deal with a migraine. Therefore, do not change your sleeping patterns – not even on the weekends.

Caffeine Intake: Having coffee can worsen headaches, especially if it is consumed at odd or irregular hours. Caffeine withdrawal also leads to severe headaches, which generally occur some hours after the consumption of caffeine.

Lack of Magnesium in the body: Increased stress levels lead to the decrease of magnesium content in the body, which can eventually cause headaches. Magnesium supplements are available in injectable and oral forms.  Consult your doctor and get your magnesium level tested to find out whether you need magnesium supplementation.

Gluten intolerance in the body: People can either be gluten sensitive or not. But if they are, they can suffer from headaches. To check whether you are gluten sensitive or not, quit consuming gluten for two weeks and go through a gluten free test with absolutely no amount of gluten intake, otherwise it will lead to headaches. If you feel fine after the two weeks testing period, it means you are not sensitive to gluten.

Carbohydrates Consumption: Migraines can be caused due to the excessive intake of carbohydrates, because they increase blood sugar levels. Consuming simple carbs increases blood sugar. If this happens, your body will produce extra amounts of insulin to break down the sugar. This drastic rise and fall in blood sugar levels causes headaches.

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