Seven Foods You Should Avoid Eating!

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There are certain food items that are loaded with chemicals and toxins because of the way they are grown and produced. Food scientists warn that many food producers today do not use sustainable or clean methods to grow food. This not only results in damage to the environment but also to our health. Here is a list of food that you should avoid in particular:

Canned Tomatoes
Tin cans contain bisophenol-A; this is a synthetic estrogen that can result in a variety of health problems. Canned tomatoes contain more acidity than other foods because of the tomatoes. This increases the bisphenol-A thus it mixes with our food. According to Fredrick Vom Saal, who works as an endocrinologist, you will find 50 mcg of bisphenol-A per liter of tomato sauce! That is sufficient to cause damage your body in the long run.

Corn-fed beef
Cows are meant to eat grass, not grain. However, farmers feed their cattle soybean and corn so that they do not fatten up. This results in corn-fed beef. According to scientific research, eating such beef will increase the risk of heart disease. Therefore, you should always buy beef that comes from grass-fed cow that is easily available in specialty stores and farmers’ market.

Microwave popcorn
The lining of microwave popcorn bags contains a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). When you heat the popcorn in the microwave, this chemical vaporizes and mixes with the popcorn. Extensive research shows that consuming this chemical would result in infertility in humans.

Non-organic potatoes
Farmers do not eat non-organic potatoes themselves and grow special organic potatoes for their use. Why? Potatoes are a root vegetable that easily absorbs herbicides and fungicides. After they are dug up, special chemicals are also sprayed on potatoes so that they do not sprout. This is why you should avoid eating non-organic potatoes.

Farmed Salmon
Farmed salmon has higher contaminants like PCBs, carcinogens, brominated flame retardants and pesticides. So one bite of farmed salmon is loaded with chemicals and pesticides!

According to Mark Kastel, who formerly worked in agribusiness and is currently the co-director of Cornucopia Institute, apple is a fruit that doused with all sorts of pesticides because they are not able to develop resistance to pests.

Milk produced with artificial hormones.
Did you know that milk producers feed their cows recombinant bovine growth hormone ( rBGH or rBST ) to increase milk production? Here comes the disgusting fact. rBGH boost pus in the milk and udder infections. In individuals, this causes the IGF-1 to increase in the body that leads to colon and prostate cancer. Although there is no 100% scientific evidence that it can lead to cancer, experts still feel apprehensive about using artificial hormones in the milk.

On a final note, stay away from the food mentioned above. There are many substitutes for such food. For example, instead of drinking milk that contains rBGH, you can drink milk that contains no artificial hormones.

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