Recipes for Healthier Food

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Today we are going to discuss tips that will make fattening recipes healthier. Follow the tips listed in this articles and the see the difference it makes in your life. You will be eating food that is low in calories, fat and sodium without ruining the flavor.  With these golden tips, no recipe will seem unhealthy:

Cut down on the oil and butter
There are many recipes that need butter or oil. They might be great for texture and flavor; unfortunately they don’t help you reduce your weight. Instead of cooking your food in butter and oil, cook your food in a non stick pan. You might have to cook your food more but at least you will decrease the amount of cooking fats you are consuming.

Include more vegetables in your meals
Most courses use meals that are a mix of meat, starch and few vegetables. Try to increase your intake of vegetables. You can do that by making dishes that require the same amount of meat and vegetables.

Protein is not bad
Try to include some meat on your menu. However, avoid lean meat as much possible. Instead you should consume white meat whenever possible. For example if the menu calls for grounded hamburger, consume grounded white turkey instead. Also make sure you skin your poultry so that you consume a healthy meal.

Try slow-cooking methods like broiling
When recipes ask you to fry or bake poultry, try broiling instead. You will have to experiment with broiling to come up with the right crispiness.  For your hard work, you won’t be consuming unhealthy, fried food any more.

Bacon is not your enemy
Bacon has the juiciest flavor which is why adding bacon to any dish, adds flavor to it. Next time you want to add flavor to your dish, remove all the bad fats that contain vegetable oil. Add a teaspoon of smoky bacon grease.

Eat less portions
Many recipes produce dishes in excessive quantity. This is why you end up eating more especially if the new recipe turns out to be super delicious. Reduce the quantity of ingredients in your recipe so that you don’t end up making extra food.

Don’t eat calorie-filled ingredients
Many ingredients in a recipe might be included because of a purpose but have no effect on the flavor. For example bread crumbs are usually added to fried food to add texture to it. If you know a particular ingredient in your recipe that is not doing anything to enhance your recipe then don’t include it. This will save you extra calories!

Remember these seven tips the next time your try a new recipe or even an old recipe!

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