Protect the Environment; Reduce Food Packaging Waste

October 26, 2012 Comments Off

It’s not breaking news that our ecosystem is in danger. We are causing harm to Mother Nature in a number of ways and food packaging waste is one of them. Packaged foods have a very central role in our lives; almost everything we buy comes in sealed plastic or metal containers ensuring us with their freshness and hygiene.

This is, however, a big waste of the precious scarce resources we have. Most of the plastics and covers go straight in the garbage, contributing significantly towards pollution. It is important, therefore, that we stop and think for a moment regarding how we can do our bit in order to protect the environment.

It is important that we become aware of what we are buying. Foods covered twice or thrice are usually tempting to us because of the extra taste they seem to provide us. This sort of extravagance is exactly what we need to avoid. Products covered in unnecessary layering lead to huge wastage and, therefore, should only be bought when no better option is available.

Also, try to buy things in abundance. Don’t buy small packs of stuff you consume frequently, instead opt for a single large pack of that product, keeping in mind your actual need. Furthermore, go for tea leaves instead of tea bags. This way your hot beverage will be healthful as well as environmentally friendly.

It is also wise to choose your products according to the material they are packaged in. Products packed in glass and paper, therefore, should have preference over those in plastics and metal. It is important to realize that your food should be as packaging free as possible. For this reason, always try to buy fresh meat and vegetables from their respective markets instead of going for their preservative-filled packaged alternatives at the grocery store.

There are also certain measures you can implement in order to keep waste at a minimum. Avoid paper cloths for cleaning purposes and instead, try to make use of a napkin made out of cloth whenever possible. It is inevitable that you would want to pack your food; however, what you can do in regard to this is make use of reusable containers and covers instead of disposable ones. Moreover, give away all the unnecessary disposable utensils you possess and opt for their reusable versions.

The final bit of advice is to stay green at all times. What this means is that you should prepare yourself in a manner that you contribute as little as possible towards our planet’s degradation. Always keep a potable mug with you in order to avoid the use of plastic cups. It is also wise to keep a water bottle you can use more than once. In a nutshell, equip yourself with all those products which you would otherwise have to buy and discard after use.
Hopefully this way, the planet can move towards a much greener direction.

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