Plan on germ proofing your home: Top ten techniques that will help you

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To live in a germfree environment is a near impossibility, but maintaining a germfree environment or at least trying will be worth the effort. Here are a few steps or healthy tips that will allow you to maintain a germ free atmosphere at home.

STEP 1: Natural germ remedies may be more effective
The disinfectants you buy from stores may contain chemicals that are more deadly then the bacteria lurking at your house. Try using natural remedies such as using white vinegar and citrus extracts to clean surfaces for maintaining a germfree home.

STEP 2: Multi-Tasking
Using white vinegar is an excellent way to maintain the germ free environment in your home. It is the best for cleaning carpets to countertops. The best feature about vinegar is that it is non-toxic while it can be used for multi-purpose germ and mold removal.

STEP 3: Germ infestations
To maintain the germ-free environment in your house, you have to be extra careful about the cleanliness of those areas where there is the most traffic. What you can do is disinfect germs from door knobs, faucets, TV controls, toys, phones and toilet handles.

STEP 4: Make sure you dry everything out
Your sponges need to be dried at regular intervals. Germs and mold tend to settle in damp areas and your sponges and towels can be potential cesspools. To prevent germ accumulation make sure your towels and sponges are dry. This will also help you in preventing the spread of contractible infections.

STEP 5: Make sure you wash up
This is essential for containing germs and infections. Washing your hands is absolutely essential. Before and after you handle food make sure you wash your hands. This is necessary when you go out of home for doing errands. Super markets and public places are breeding grounds for bacteria. You should also teach kids the importance of washing hands to prevent germs and possible infections.

STEP 6:  Cottie Contaiment
If a member of your family falls ill, then you should prevent there germs from spreading through the house hold. Using paper cups and isolating the sick family member will be the best way to lower any contagious elements.

STEP 7: Germ filtration
You should frequently change the water filters at your home. Regular changes will help in germ prevention. You should also know that germs spread the quickest through water sources. Change your filters when they appear full.

STEP 8: Practice the use of anti-bacterial wipes
These are essential to be kept in places where your family or guests have the quickest access. Your family can reach them quickly if they want to wipe their hands.

STEP 9: Take care of bedroom cleanliness
Practice washing your bed linens weekly to prevent spread of germs in your bedroom.

STEP 10: Lightening the load
You should prevent germ development by putting a cleansing slab in each bathroom. This will help in germ prevention while you can carry out your household chores.

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