Motivate Yourself with These Household Items to Lose Weight

April 30, 2012 Comments Off

Losing weight is not an easy feat; you need all the motivation you can get. Fortunately, for you, there are inexpensive household items lying around in your house that can push you to meet your weight-loss goals. What are they? Read on:

Sticky Notes
Why do you want to lose weight? List all the reasons why you want to lose your extra pounds and jot it down on yellow sticky notes. Stick them on your refrigerator or carry those notes in your wallet. Whenever you are tempted to break your diet rules, read your sticky notes to stop yourself from falling into temptation.

Small Plates
Always eat on a smaller plate because it will make your meals look bigger. According to the Cornell Food and Brand Lab’s Small Plate Movement, eating from a 10-inch plate rather than the 12-inch plate will help you consume 22% less food.

By using a grater, you will eat less high-fat cheese. So instead of eating a whole cheese, grate cheese on your favorite soup, pasta or salad. You will get to enjoy the delicious flavor of cheese yet consume fewer calories per meal.

Oil Mister
The oil mister will add taste in your food without the unwanted calories. You can sear salmon and brussels sprouts with it and add olive oil and black pepper to bring out the flavors.

TV Remote
Skip food commercials by keeping your TV remote with you all the time. You can also record your favorite TV shows and fast-forward the food advertisements while watching TV. Furthermore, always remember to munch on nutritious snacks when watching TV.

Picture Frame
Take your best snap in which you are in your ideal weight and frame that picture. Hang that picture somewhere you can see it every day so that you work harder to meet your weight-loss goals.

Water Pitcher
Keep your water pitcher filled with water and drink water to keep yourself hydrated. According to the research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, drinking water helps burn your calories faster. If plain water is too boring for you, then try adding these low-calories flavors in the water: mint, cucumber, lemon or lime.

Nail Polish
Temptation is not an easy thing to fight especially because an empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Keep yourself busy by treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure. If you are feeling lonely, then call your best friend and talk to them.

Food Journal
Individuals on a diet should keep a food journal so that they can keep track of the food they are eating. Keep a record of your calories intake and be honest about the food that you eat. The food journal will help you figure out which food you can’t seem to stop eating.

Tall Glasses
Always drink any beverages or cold drinks from tall glasses rather than short, stout glasses. This way, you will drink less because individuals pour more beverages in short glasses.

Opaque Container
Store your junk food or food that is bad for your diet in opaque containers. A study conducted by Journal of Obesity found that individuals ate more candies and sweets when they are kept in clear bowls.

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