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How to Use Your Old Kitchen Tools in a Different Way

There is a huge variety of kitchen gadgets available at home goods stores but the reason why people tend to buy excessive kitchen tools can be that there are other uses of those utensils and appliances which usually goes unnoticed.

A colleague sold her bread machine lately, because she came to know another better way of preparing homemade bread through a crock pot. Similarly, there are other ways in which you can utilize your old kitchen tools in a different way, such as:

  • Using a popcorn maker for coffee beans; this might sound strange but it’s true that coffee lovers tend to use popcorn maker to cook their beans. For this major purpose, there is some alteration required in the maker after which you cannot use it easily for making popcorns.
  • Using a crock pot for baking; it is usually used for soups, stews, pudding, punch, etc. However, its low temperature is appropriate to use it for baking purposes. Many people, including some chefs, have applied this trick.
  • Using a food processor for various purposes; a food processor can easily replace grinders or mixers and get their work done. Food processors work better with frozen meat and can also be used to grind flour, crushing nuts for making butter and other meals, etc. Therefore, food processors can serve different functions and if you have this equipment then you do not require other tools for providing similar uses.
  • Using a blender for house chores; blenders can serve household uses such as mixing soap or cement and making washing powder out of it. However, if you keep using blenders for making washing powder, the machine will not able to serve its main purpose effectively which includes making smoothies, juices, etc.
  • Using dishwasher for frying fish; it sounds strange but it is doable. This was done by the CEO of Campusfit, Jeremy Shih who placed a wrapped fish along with spices and oil in a dishwasher. He claimed that this experiment proved to be successful for him and he was able to get a scrumptious and juicy fish out of the dishwasher. But for this method to work, you just need to ensure that the fish is fully wrapped and any soapy particle should not get mixed with it.
  • Using a microwave for nuking garlic; it’s true that garlic can be heated in a microwave oven. You just need to put olive oil and wrap it in plastic. Place it at a medium temperature for nine minutes.
  • Using a stockpot for baking; instead of relying on a bread machine, you may use a stockpot, which can get you a crispy crust to eat.

Therefore, it is stated that the above-mentioned kitchen tools can be used in other different ways as well.

The 3 Week Diet
The 3 Week Diet

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