How to Make Him Romantic? – Make Him Do What You Want

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The truth is, men don’t know how to do romance. That’s the factual problem.The following is the list of ideas that can help you to make him romantic. These ideas will help you in the every stage of the relationship. I’ve discovered these below ideas after studying the psychology of men so that you can easily slither inside his mind and make him only have feelings for you.
1. Appreciate The Little Things He Does For You
The true destruction of relationships begins when we start to ignore our partner’s small efforts. At the start of a relationship, we notice even the smallest effort of our partner and praise them. We get happy when our partner does something for us. We appreciate our partner’s every little effort.And consequently, our partner begins to impress us more by doing more pleasant things for us.However, unfortunately, after passing some time in the relationship, we start to believe that the efforts of our partner are their responsibilities.And, here we commit the horrible mistake.

So, remember that, you need to make your man realize that his efforts in the relationships are not only the responsibilities. In fact, his efforts give you the happy feelings.

When you praise your man’s efforts, he feels motivated. He comes to know that his efforts are still valuable in the relationship. And, as a result, he tries his best to do more good works for you.

So, notice his every little effort. If he cooks something for you, praise his cooking skills. If he takes you to dinner or gives you flowers, praise his romantic side & kiss him. Your praise and appreciation motivates him to be more romantic with you.

2. Introduce the Idea Gently
A lot of experts say that if you want to introduce an idea to someone then talk about those things that link with your idea. However, to some extent, I personally believe that this trick is not very effective, especially in the relationships. Because, men and women communicate very differently.

If you want to put an idea in the mind of your man, use different strategies. Here are the 2 easy steps you can take to introduce the idea gently and make him do what you want.

a) Most of the men get romantic ideas through movies, videos, and pictures. A significant reason for this is, men are visualizers. When they see visual things – videos or pictures – they absorb the ideas very easily. They get a clear indication that what to do with their woman.

Therefore, in order to make him romantic, watch romantic movies with him. Or, hang romantic paintings on your room’s wall. Let him see the romantic visual as much as he can. Visual things have the power to change him into the man of your dreams.

You can do plenty of other interesting things also. For example: On social networking websites (like face book etc.), like the romantic photos and videos, and give great comments on them. Through your comment, make him aware that you have the desire to relish the romance in your life with him.

b) Use the power of “I love”. Start your sentences with “I love” in the conversation. It is a way through which you can directly plant an idea in your man’s mind very easily. Here are few example for you: I love flowers, I love chocolate cakes, I love candle light dinner dates, I love slow dance to romantic music, I love to walk somewhere with lots of pretty lights, or I love sunset picnic.

When you use “I love” technique, he gets an idea that what he needs to do to make you happy.

Take Action:
If you’ll introduce the romantic ideas gently to him and appreciate the little things he does for you, you’ll certainly change him into the man of your dreams.

Step 1: Appreciate every little thing he does for you. This will motivate him to do more good things for you. Your appreciation will set the foundation of romance. In fact, love, romance, and sex remain intact in the relationship only through ‘Appreciation’.

Step 2: Let him see the ‘Romantic Visuals’ as much as he can. For example: watch romantic movies with him, or hang romantic paintings on your wall.

Step 3: Use the power of “I love”. It’s a way through which you can easily plant ideas in the mind of your man. Here are a few examples: I love flowers, I love dark chocolates, I love slow dance to romantic music, or I love candle light dinner dates.

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