How to Attract a Man Within Few Minutes (Top 8 Techniques)

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Attracting a man is not only about looking crash hot, it’s also about using attraction triggers. It doesn’t matter whether you are single or in a long-term relationship, there are many attraction’s triggers that amplify the hard attraction – instantly – every single time and make a man chase after you.As I promised in the title, here are the top 8 techniques which can help you create an immense amount of attraction within few minutes. I’ve listed the techniques in order of importance.
1. Eye Contact & Smile

This is a universal sign of attraction. Every one knows about it. The combination of eye contact & smile is always responsible for creating attraction, lust, and sexual desire. In other words, this combination is a powerful aphrodisiac, and you can’t underestimate it’s healthy effectiveness.

Tip: Just open your eyes 75% and look directly into his eyes for at least 20 seconds with a light grin. This move is highly intimidating. He’ll experience hard attraction for you, and literally get sexual on the spot. Your strong eye-contact demonstrates your power, and your grin raises the level of attraction.

2. Slow Down Your Speech

This is another wonderful tip which can help you grab the attention of a man within few minutes. When you speak slowly, you portray a confident image, and you develop a sexy, seductive voice. He not only absorbs easily what you are saying but also take you, and your words, more seriously.

A top-notch attractive woman never talks so fast.

Tip: Speak in a relaxed manner. Your every word should convey your true feelings. In addition, wait at least 3 seconds before replying to what he’s saying. This move creates anticipation which is very attractive for a man… Famous political leaders, and elite people, perceive the power of slow speech. That’s why, their voice, and speeches, always project certainty and authority.

3. Touch His Arm When You Laugh

A soft intimate touch always causes our body to release a powerful sex hormone called ‘Oxytocin’. This hormone is also known as the “Hormone of Love”. It builds instant attraction and compels a man to earn your attention more & more, again & again.

Tip: Let your fingers touch his arm when you laugh. Make it a casual, soft touch. Soft casual touching conveys that you are friendly, confident, and playful. And, that’s what men love.

4. Extreme Level of Enthusiasm

The biggest mistake you can make is having a lack of enthusiasm. In the game of attraction & relationship, enthusiasm is everything. It makes your relationship more passionate & more romantic; it helps you to inspire and attract people immediately. You send out positive vibes and become a fantasy for everyone.

Tip: Smile with your eyes and lips, put feelings behind your words, ask brilliant questions, laugh often, define your goals, show your peak state of positivity, and perform random acts of kindness.

5. Scents Attract Men

Men are so attracted to a woman when she’s wearing a perfume. According to researchers, “Pleasant scents can actually arouse that part of the brain which is directly connected to the sexual desire.”

Your scent can play a strong role in capturing the attention of your desired man within few seconds. It can create instant-attraction. Perfumes not only boost your overall attractiveness but also give you a new sexual confidence.

6. Compliment His Skills

Who doesn’t like compliments? Compliments are the best ways that can melt the icy heart of your man and compel him to be more open with you. You just need to remember that men like nothing more than getting compliments on their talents& skills. Furthermore, if you’ll give him compliment on his skills, you’ll leave him thinking of you for a very long time.

Tip: A man only wants to hear how good he is at his natural skills. Here are few examples for you: Is there any bottle you can’t open?, you’ve classy driving skills, I love the way you solve problems, and you are truly excellent at photography.

7. My Life is Heaven

As they say, “When you eat, appreciate every bite.” Don’t moan about the tough situations and hardships. Identify the heavy weights of your life and eliminate them. No one likes to be with a person who always moans about his life and live with desperate feelings.

If you want to attract a man, show him that your life is heaven, and you enjoy every second of it. Show him the positivity, show him your playful side, show him your achievements, and show him your passionate goals…

Think what makes you happy, do what you love and do it often, and design your own life. Men extremely love when you live your dreams and achieve your passions.

8. Ask Him to Teach You Something

This is a brilliant tip which you can not only use in the relationship but also in the dating game. Men like to be in charge. After identifying, or complimenting, his skills, steer the conversation toward mutual interests and ask him to teach you something. Make plans to do things that you both love to do.

Tip: If he loves guns, ask him to teach you how to do target-shooting. If he is good at playing golf, ask him to teach you his some skills. And, if he’s a photographer, ask him to teach you how to take artistic photographs.

An Additional Tip:

What would you do after creating attraction? Of course, I can’t leave you in the middle of the road. Here is one important tip that will help you to move on to the next chapter.

Give Him the Reason to Contact You Again

When you feel you have created certain chemistry and attraction, give him the reason to contact you again. After that, leave some room for the mystery and leave the scene with a great departing statement. Below are a few examples which can give your man a reason to contact you again.

  • Invite him to events.
  • Ask him to teach you something at the next meeting.
  • Tell him that you love discovering new places, and restaurants. And, you love travelling too. Invite him to join you in the next adventure.
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