High-Calorie Snacks That Can Make You Overweight

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Research reveals that a majority of people consumes about 600 calories per day. Out of this calorie intake, we consume one-third in snacks instead of meals. Snacking is so common that we do not even realize how many snacks we eat while we are in the car, on the phone, or while watching TV. Since snacking is now a part of daily routine, it can make you obese.

Snacking as a Growing Trend

We all are surrounded by snacking habits of different people from all ages. For instance, school canteens have a lot of stock to sell to school-going children. Therefore, they cannot help but consume high-calorie snacks in the morning, during their halftime and at home after school. This indicates that the trend for snacking is growing.

Further evidence shows that toddlers are another market segment in the snacks industry. Now, parents purchase strollers, which have separate compartments for drinks and snacks for their kids. In case they are hungry, they can eat those snacks. As a result, the annual sales of the snacks industry total $64 billion. Moreover, there are various chain restaurants that have recently started a new offering to visitors, including a lot of snacks.

Role of Businesses in Growing the Snacking Addition If we go back to earlier times, our ancestors were hardly aware of snacks. Since personal incomes were also low, people used to save money to buy a snack, which was thought of as a luxury. They also had ample time to cook food at home. It was a healthy lifestyle though. However, now, many things have changed slowly and gradually.

Businesses have analyzed a strong market potential in selling snacks to the mass market. They have involved food scientists to determine how to come up with different snaking options. Although it is smart business, snacking tends to spoil one’s appetite. With high amounts of fat and sugar combined in snacks, the percentage of US citizens suffering from obesity is increasing rapidly.

Common Snacks That Make You Gain Weight

You will be surprised to know about some healthy snacks that make you gain extra pounds. Below are some examples of such snacks:

Crackers and Cheese

You must be thinking that cheese is a healthy snack. But did you ever notice how many calories you consume while eating it with crackers? Although health experts recommend that you should consume 150 calories, cheese and crackers have 300 calories.


Smoothies are rich in vitamins and boost the level of energy. However, a lot of fruit ingredients can increase your weight.

Bran Muffins

Although bran muffins are healthy snacks, the problem with these kinds of snacks is that they are dry. Health experts say that dry snacks have high calories as compared to wet snacks.

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