Five Signs That You Have Compulsive Buying Disorder

April 29, 2012 Comments Off

Any shopaholic would love catchy phrases and quotes like “Shop until you drop” or “I shop therefore I am”. Yes, shopping is fun plus, who wouldn’t want a no-limit charge card with which they could buy anything with? Shopping is not a problem as long as you are under control of your budget. However, it becomes a huge problem if you are able to spend money with no regard to the consequences.

An individual who shops uncontrollably is called a compulsive shopper or a shopping addict. He or she might actually be suffering from a psychiatric disorder known as compulsive buying disorder (CBD). This disorder is commonly known to affect women but new research shows that it can affect both genders. Anybody can have this disorder, no matter their age, race, or income. The first signs of CBD can be seen in young adults. According to statistics, one out of every 20 Americans is negatively affected by CBD. Here are five common signs that indicate that you are suffering CBD:

Shopping gives you a rush and intense feeling
CBD sufferers are not able to stop themselves from shopping because of the excitement they feel every time they make purchases. Compulsive buying disorder is an impulse-control disorder; it is a small version of other more harmful compulsive buying disorders like pathological gambling and alcohol addiction. All impulse-control disorders produce euphoric feelings that addicts crave. A CBD sufferer also experiences such feelings before and during shopping, however after it’s over he or she will feel shame, guilt and distress.

You will shop despite your regret or guilt
When a CBD suffers tries to control his or her shopping urge, they will feel tense and anxious. Similarly, after shopping, they feel depressed for giving into their urges because CBD sufferers know that they are shopping for no reason or purpose.

You spend impulsively and excessively
If you indulge into a beautiful and very expensive pair of boots that you fell in love with, that does not mean you suffer from CBD. A CBD sufferer does not buy one pair of boots but SEVERAL pairs of boots without hesitation. He or she will not care about what they are buying but are shopping for the “thrill.”However, some CBD sufferers like to buy particularly expensive items.

You are knee-deep in debt thanks to your shopping urges
CBD sufferers have big and bad debt. How can a debt be good or bad, you might ask? Good debt is when you are in debt because you are buying your home or spending a fortune on your studies. It is a long-term investment, and you probably have a backup plan to pay off your debt. Bad debt happens from uncontrollable and unnecessary shopping.

You have relationship problems because of your uncontrollable shopping urges
According to a study conducted by World Psychiatric Association, around 70% of compulsive shoppers have relationship problems because of their behavior. CBD suffers are not able to spend time with their friends and family members because they are too busy giving into their shopping urges. They are always preoccupied with all aspects of the ‘shopping experience.’

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