Eating Good Carbs the Right Way

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Most dieters are afraid of carbs; they consider all carbs as their worst enemy. In reality, you need to include carbohydrates in your daily diet because they are an essential part of your nutrition. The right quantity and quality of carbs are a smart addition to your weight-loss plan, because they will control your hunger and craving. Many individuals end up making the wrong dietary choices because they cannot tell the difference between complex and refined carbohydrates. For instance, dieters should only choose carbohydrates that are low on the glycaemic index (GI). Such carbohydrates are digested slowly so dieters will feel full for a longer time. As a result, they won’t turn to unhealthy snacks when they are hungry. Here are good carbs that you should include in your diet:

1)  Savory Biscuit

Most individuals confuse low-fat biscuits and rice crackers as healthy snacks. In reality, they are made from refined grains that get digested fast and increase blood sugar levels. So opt for snacks that are made from whole grains like crisp breads and biscuits. They will protect you from illnesses like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Moreover, you won’t feel hungry quickly after consuming such snacks.

2) Potatoes

The first vegetable that dieters add in their banned list of food is a potato. You need to realize potatoes themselves are not dangerous; it is how you cook and serve them that can be risky for you. Baked potatoes dipped in fattening cheese and sour cream or deep-fried potatoes will make you gain weight fast. Potatoes contain low GI that you can take advantage of. The best way to include potatoes in your menu is by making cold potato salad with low-fat sour cream.

3) Bread

All dieters avoid eating bread at all cost; in reality, you shouldn’t skip eating your favorite morning toast or sandwich, in order to lose weight. Stop eating refined white bread and eat bread made out of wholegrain instead. You can also get more nutrition by eating the variety of breads that contain nuts and seeds.

4) Pasta

White pasta contains low GI; you won’t get hungry fast. However, it is made from refined cereals. This means that it no longer contains any vitamins, minerals and fibers. Eat healthy by eating wholemeal pasta. Wholemeal pasta is rich in protein and has more nutritional benefits because it is made from flour that uses the wholegrain seed.

5) Brown  Rice

White rice might be used in healthy dishes like stir-fries and sushi, but that doesn’t make it healthy. White rice has a high glycaemic index because it is made from refined grains. Brown rice is a much healthier option than white rice because it contains vitamins and dietary minerals. Brown rice can last for around six months.

Now you know it is ok to include carbs in your diet so don’t be afraid of eating them. Enjoy your carb-filled meals without feeling guilty.

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