Easy Tips on How to keep your kids safe online

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In the age of information it is easy to get access to almost anything from anywhere in the world. The internet has morphed into a necessity of life. We are spending most of our professional, work, study and house time indoors. Less time is being spent in the library and books are being replaces with ‘eBook’.

One inevitable result of widespread fast internet connection is that just about everyone has started using it. In this article we will explore ways that enable you to regulate the little one’s online activities.

Regulating Internet Hours
Set up times during the day that your kids can access the internet this time should typically be when you are in the house. Make sure that the kid does not access the internet at any other times. There is no need to pull up a chair behind him and watch every single activity they do but make sure their rooms are unlocked and slightly ajar so they do not pull any mischief.

If your child is developing a rebellious attitude then try to explain why these restrictions are being placed.

Restricting Internet Content
You should also filter content over the internet that your child can view. There are numerous third party and built-in software programs that you can use to do that. Also restrict the advertisements, pop-ups and other spam that finds its way in your child’s inbox.

But you do not need to change these settings when you want to use the computer. Simply change profiles and include administrator, guest and family member passwords tailored with their respective level of privacy.
Also make sure your computer has a powerful antivirus that is regularly updated. These programs not only protect your computer against viruses but also get rid of spam, which can distract your kids and lead them to other undesirable websites.

Limit Online Purchase
When making online purchases make sure that you do not let your child handle these accounts. Keep your credit cards, PayPal accounts and other financial details strictly confidential. This will ensure that you know exactly what is being bought online and secondly how much money is being spent.

Of course, there is no substitute for good counseling. Sound paternal advice has a soothing and overwhelming effect on children. They look up to adults as their teachers and usually take the advice seriously provided it is being delivered in the right tone. Do not simply set aside rules but explain why these rules have been enforced. Kids these days like to ask questions all the time which can exasperate the parents.

So patience is the key here. A periodic lecture on the good and the bad of the internet use can go a long way.

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