DIY Home Gym- 7 Cheap Ways to Exercise At Home

September 5, 2012 Comments Off

I loved swimming for which I became a member of a gym. But now I cannot take out time for it and can go during summer only, as my schedule is getting busier. Moreover, swimming is not effective for strengthening muscles; it just provides the best cardio exercise.

In order to save my time and money, there is DIY home gym available which is pretty affordable and provides effective benefits. It can help you get general fitness for the entire body. You would need the following seven pieces of equipment for your home gym:

  • Weight lifting: You need to have various weights at your house or you can even save some money by buying two-weight sets which will cost you around $5-$20 for different types.
  • Swiss ball or balance ball: This is very cheap and will cost you around $10. It can help in chest pressing, rowing, crunches, squats, etc. It is a very handy item and it must be present at a DIY home gym.
  • Resistance training: It is way cheaper than other items. Resistance bands can be easily purchased in between $8-$12 whereas resistance tubes cost a little more.
  • Stair steps: One step charges you $20 so if you have stairs at your home, kindly use them.
  • Fabricated yoga rugs: These are again very cheap and you can get one for $15. Yoga is most effective during the daytime.
  • Home chin-up bars: These bars are mostly used on the door. These are effective for people who use their own body weight to work out and it will cost you around $10-$20.
  • Health-training videos: These videos have many different types of exercises like dancing, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, etc. Each exercise is meant for different parts of the body.  These will cost around $5 to $20 and are available on rent as well. Even YouTube videos provide free online training and lessons.

Ultimately, whatever you want to include in your home gym depends upon your requirements and objectives. My demands cost me the following total amount:

  • 3 sets of weight-lifting costing $15
  • Swiss ball costing $8
  • Training videos costing $25 in which two videos came along with resistance bands and were free.

So, the total amount that I spent on my home gym is $48 which has been providing me the general workout for my entire body for the last 5 years. Whenever I need to know about the toning of any particular body part or any other new exercise, I just visit online videos and get the training. In general, I am happy with my DIY home gym; it is easy, affordable and efficient.

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