Delicious Healthy Diet with Reduced Salt and Sugar

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We all know that we put our health at risk by adding lots of salt and sugar to our daily food. However, we don’t want to compromise on the taste of the food. Fortunately, you don’t need to sacrifice the taste of your juicy food to make it healthier; you just need to tone it down a bit. Here, are some tips that can not only make your food healthier but also taste better.


A typical breakfast may contain cereal and a glass of juice or milk containing at least one or more table spoons of sugar. You can easily cut down this sugar by adding sweet fruits like berries, apricots and dates in your breakfast. This way, you can ensure a remarkably healthy and fresh breakfast without sugar.

Sweeten the Veggies

There are several famous sweet vegetable dishes. You can find the recipes on the internet, very easily. Among the famous ones are spinach with nutmeg, sweeten boiled potatoes with cinnamon and carrots served with ginger.

Replace Sugar Syrup

We don’t use sugar syrup frequently, but when we do, it does the damage. Syrup is nothing but processed sugar; frequent consumption of syrup in food can easily lead to diabetes. You can use another healthier alternative; make a sauce by mixing cinnamon with raspberry. If you feel your sauce is too dilute, cook it to concentrate it.

Use Fruit Puree

Use fruit puree instead of sugar in your sweet dishes. It not only sweetens up your dishes but will also add delicious flavors to them. Utilize different fruits like apple or pears to enjoy a fruity taste.

New Flavor to Rice

Well, you must be used to eating simple, unflavored rice but here is a tip that can give your rice a fresh flavor. Before the rice water starts to boil, add some ginger, cardamom or cinnamon to have a whole new invigorating experience with your rice.

Rinse Salt Away

It is surprising to know that you can easily cut about 40 percent of salt from the canned food items you eat. To get the same taste but reduced salt in your diet, you only need to wash such food before you cook or bake.

Use Dried Thyme

Try using dried thyme on the eggs. You can sprinkle dried thyme on eggs instead of sprinkling raw salt on it. Once you taste an egg with thyme you would not want to use salt in the future.

Dress your Dish in a Smart Way

Seasoning your food in different ways can help in reducing the amount of salt you usually use. Add lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil or pepper along with small amounts of salt in your food, as appropriate.

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