Cure depression with self-care strategies

March 17, 2012 Comments Off

Everyone in this world face Depression often in his life.  It is a common problem. Some people take medicines to cure depression. However, there is no specific medicine for depression. Antidepressant medicines are not good enough to cure it quickly. It is better to avoid medication and try natural tips to keep yourself away from depression.

There are five natural tips to stay away from depression. First step is to keep you active. This is very important to cure from any disease. An active person is always healthy. Any disease rarely catches him. Physical activities improve moods. Regular exercises also help to stay healthy and active.  Eating healthy food and chewing it properly to finish hunger is a best strategy to stay healthy. Eat green vegetables, grains and beans to remove depression from your life. Vegetables provide good energy source. Eat your meals regularly. Set a timetable and diet chart to get proper calories for your body. Keep your body happy by providing it proper nutritious food at good timings.

Bluefish, salmon and halibut are cold-water fish. They are healthy to eat. Their intake can keep away depression. Research has been done on cold-water fish and indicates that they are a good natural source to remove depression. It reduces symptoms to depression quickly. Alcohol and caffeine contribute in depression. They must be avoided reducing depression. Then add proper sleep time in your life. Inappropriate timing for sleep causes anxiety. Proper sleep leads you to a healthy life. You remain fresh doing your work. Try to have eight-hour sleep daily. Set a time for sleep and be consistent on it.

To cope with with depression, stress must be controlled. Take all types of situations lightly. Keep in mind that taking tension cannot solve any problem. Solutions always come with calm mind. So always, try to keep your mind calm and keep away stress. Limit down sources of stress. Establish your priorities first and then work according to that. Keep yourself busy as much as you can control. Keep yourself organized. Do not panic. Do not rush in hurry. Take your time to do a task. Keep yourself prepared for challenges. If you are tired, except it. If you need a break, except it. Take a break properly and then start your work efficiently. Stay connected with your loved ones. All work and no play lead to a deadly life. Live life happily. Stay connected with your friends. Keep yourself fresh. Do participate in extra activities for refreshment. There is no need of medication. Enjoy life and forget stress by taking care of yourself.

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