Common Myths about Sleep that Must Be Avoided

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The amount of hours we spend sleeping start declining as we age. This is common in both sexes; however, research says that it is more common in men than women. A lot of healthy men who have turned 60 might not have experienced sound sleep for a long time. This is a rising issue, and many men today are facing this issue, but only a handful of them considered consulting a doctor.

1. Sleeping Pills Are Dangerous for Health
It is commonly said that sleeping pills should be avoided under all circumstances. This is also a myth. It is completely alright to take pills if you are extremely tired and cannot concentrate well on sleeping. However, if you suffer from insomnia regularly, there are many other ways, you can avoid it. For instance, if you are depressed and tired, take a hot bath as it helps induce sleep. In the morning, go for a brisk walk, as it revives brain power.

2. Alcohol Does Not Affect Sleeping Patterns
A lot of people still rely on alcohol to drain out their anxiety and depression.  If this is the case, perhaps you should be on the Intervention Support site instead of this one. However, the truth is that increased consumption of alcohol can have a disastrous effect on your health. Regular consumption of alcohol can interrupt sleeping patterns in both sexes. And most importantly, sleep interruption occurs when the body develops tolerance to alcohol. So, in the long run, it can have a lasting effect on your sleep.

3. Naps Are for Children
Naps are very natural and short naps can help people gain alertness and increase productivity. Doctors suggest that naps are essential for both teenagers and shift workers because they need extra sleep.

Why Is Sleep Important?
Everyone needs rest as they need food to survive. Shortage of sleep does not allow the body to renew or rebuild itself. Those who regularly have trouble sleeping are more prone to diseases. Such people are more depressed and experience problems at their workplaces, as well as with personal relationships. Majorly, there are higher chances that sleep deprived people suffer from hypertension and coronary disease.

If you are unable to treat insomnia, look at these tips:

  • Follow a pattern before you jump into your bed: change your clothes, brush teeth and read a book (preferably a boring one).
  • Do not use the internet or watch TV because both these activities can have a soothing effect and can actually work as stimulants.
  • Don’t gaze at your alarm clock while trying to sleep. It will be better if you hide it away because the anxiety of not being able to sleep and time passing by can add to the pressure. Therefore, making it more difficult for you to concentrate on sleeping.
  • Doctors suggest taking adequate amounts of sleep as it directly affects your quality of life. Taking more rest will help you lead a fuller and healthier life.

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