Cleaning Items You Can Find in Your Cabinets

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The cleaning items listed below are very common and are easy to use without wasting extra space and money.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is among best cleaning items that can be used as an all-purpose cleaner. It can get rid of the bad odor just lightly sprinkle some under and around your garbage can, or to keep the odor away put a jar inside your fridge. For cleaning, sprinkle some baking soda on a rag with warm water to scrub the surface. Alternatively, use one part baking soda to polish silver, three parts water. Furthermore, sprinkle on a rag with warm water to scrub a surface. To lift stains sprinkle some baking soda on the stain as the stain occurs. Then put some baking soda in the washing machine with the load.

White Vinegar
It is one of the great cleaning items for removing stains due to its acidity, it adds shine to your windows and glassware and even works as bleach in the bathroom. Vinegar removes grime around tiles and faucets. It also keeps ants away just spray some in doorways and windowsills. To get the smell of smoke out of clothes just soak them in hot water tub and mix a cup of vinegar.

Lemon Juice
These cleaning items can be used on hard water deposits and to break soap scum. Rub a half cut lemon on hardware and faucets it cleans the grim. Olive oil and lemon juice can be mixed to create wood polishing solution. Use your lemon rinds to clean out the disposal. Lemon is both acidic and fragrant.

Olive Oil
Olive oil, being one of the effective cleaning items, is great for polishing surfaces such as wood, brass, stainless steel, and lacquer.

Worcestershire Sauce
No need to get your furniture repaired as Worcestershire sauce might just remove all the scratches.

White Bread
It can be used to get out oil stain marks out of carpets, wallpapers, walls, and artwork.

Club Soda
Can remove stains from counter tops, and lift all kinds of stains even rust stains.

Use it to polish brass or copper or put it on a rag for a minute then remove.

If you have spilled, something on your stovetop or counter immediately, pour some salt. IT will absorb the liquid and prevent from sticking. It can also be used on red-wine spills on any cloth.

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